Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NFRC Successfully Concludes ANSI Executive Standard's Council on Accreditation Ballot and Move to Final ANSI Accreditation Ballot

The ANSI Executive Standards Council’s Subcommittee on Accreditation (SC-A) has completed its letter ballot review of NFRC-710-Operating Procedures Manual and returned several comments.

NFRC responded to the comments satisfactorily on July 27. ANSI will now ballot NFRC-710-Operating Policies Manual to the ANSI Executive Subcommittee for 30 days are return comments. This ballot is likely to conclude at the end of August.

Once NFRC responds satisfactorily to any ANSI Executive SC comments, it will become an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer. Immediately thereafter, NFRC will submit NFRC 100-Procedure for Determining Fenestration U-factors and NFRC 200-Procedure for Determining Fenestration SHGC and VT at Normal Incidence for full ANSI accreditation.

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