Thursday, September 30, 2010

Web Article Discusses Value of NFRC Label

On September 30, the Website,, posted an article that discusses how to understand the National Fenestration Rating Council's (NFRC) label.

The article says that as people become more concerned with the high cost of energy, many of them are growing more conscious about choosing energy-efficient windows. It goes on to explain the significance of the NFRC label, how to understand the various entries, and how to make the best purchasing decisions accordingly.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

NFRC Stakeholder Group Announces Call for Entries in Beyond Green High Performance Buildings Competition

Bud DeFlaviis, Executive Director, of the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) recently wrote an article announcing SBIC’s call for entries for its 2010 Beyond Green High Performance Building Awards.

The SBIC is one of the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) stakeholder organizations. The article has been re-printed here verbatim to bring attention to the competition for all those who may be interested.

By Bud DeFlaviis


Last year, during an event to promote energy efficient buildings, President Obama quipped that although the topic particularly isn’t a particularly “glamorous” one, it was something that he could “get really excited about it.” This light-hearted comment had the positive effect of reminding people that better buildings can, and will, contribute positively to the human experience. Such a claim may sound overblown, but when one considers that we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, it becomes clear how important our buildings really are.

As the green building movement gains momentum, residential and commercial building owners strive to become better environmental stewards. This usually involves renewable and energy efficiency strategies. Certainly, these are laudable, but not sufficient to create a fully-functional building.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) and its members are committed to doing even more. That is why SBIC created the Beyond Green TM Awards. Since 2001, these Awards have recognized exemplary innovations and innovators in the sustainable building industry.

The awards also encourage building professionals to develop a more holistic approach to design and construction – an approach that promotes energy, water, and material efficiencies, while ensuring indoor environments that are healthy, productive and comfortable. This kind of holistic approach fuels a self perpetuating cycle, triggering further advances and improvements, which lead to greener and more sustainable buildings all over the world.

Additionally, the Awards provide a platform to showcase forward-thinking buildings and initiatives that embody the definition of a high-performance building. Such buildings, of course, provide greater accessibility, cost-effectiveness, functionality, historic preservation, productivity, safety, security and durability, and sustainability.

Beyond Green Awards 2010

This year’s 2010 program, just getting underway, will again recognize high-performance buildings and high-performance building initiatives. Entries will be accepted through the end of October and reviewed by a select jury. Once winners are determined, they will be invited to Washington, DC in February 2011 to present their projects on Capitol Hill as part of an educational briefing for lawmakers and the public.

This year’s program will also feature an additional afternoon session and expanded poster session held at Catholic University's School of Architecture and Planning. Area students and local building practitioners will have the opportunity to understand winning projects in greater detail, ask questions, and earn AIA CES credits.

Finally, winning entries will have the opportunity to post a case study about their project on the Whole Building Design Guide – a highly-visible web resource that has become the comprehensive source of information for high-performance building practices and techniques.

Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen once wrote, “Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context - a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.” The Beyond Green TM High-Performance Building Awards embodies this sentiment, and we hope the 2010 competition will continue to inspire others to embrace this holistic approach to buildings that will transform the American landscape, both figuratively and literally.

Details are available on SBIC’s Website.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

NFRC to Offer Three More CMAST/ACE Training Sessions During 2010

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is offering three more CMAST/ACE training sessions during 2010.

These training sessions are for those seeking more knowledge of the CMA Software Tool, (CMAST) and for those seeking approval to become an Approved Calculation Entity (ACE).

• CMA & ACE Virtual Training Workshop, October 8, 2010 (registration due by October 1, 2010)

This training session is for those seeking more knowledge of the CMA Software Tool (CMAST) & for those seeking approval to become an Approved Calculation Entity (ACE). This training is online via GoToMeeting®.

• ACE Training Workshop, San Francisco, CA November 11, 2010 (registration due by October 19, 2010)

This training session is for those seeking approval to become an NFRC Approved Calculation Entity (ACE). This training is an in-person event and will be held in conjunction with our Fall Membership Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

• CMA & ACE Virtual Training Workshop, December 10, 2010 (registration due by December 6, 2010)

This training session is for those seeking more knowledge of the CMA Software Tool (CMAST) & for those seeking approval to become an Approved Calculation Entity (ACE). This training is online via GoToMeeting®.

Please check our CMA Training Web page for more information, and contact
Jen Padgett with any questions.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tax Credits Still Available for Energy Efficient Windows

A recent article published online by Fox News offers a reminder that The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 offers a tax credit to homeowners who improve the energy efficiency of their homes by installing new windows.

The tax credit is available through the end of 2010.

In order to meet the requirement to earn the tax credit, windows must meet certain criteria. Both the U-factor and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) must be 0.30 or below.

The U-Factor is a measurement of how well a window prevents heat from escaping from a home or building. The lower the U-factor, the better the window is at retaining heat. The SHGC, on the other hand, measures how well a window blocks heat from the sun.

The Fox News article adds that eligible windows should have an energy efficiency performance label supplied by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The article also says NFRC is the only rating council recognized by the federal government when issuing tax credits.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

NFRC to Exhibit at GlassBuild America Show, September 14-16

NFRC will be exhibiting during the seventh annual GlassBuild America Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Tuesday, September 14 through Thursday, September 16.

What to Expect

According to the show’s Website, GlassBuild America is the central showcase for glass processing equipment, window and door manufacturing equipment, and the latest technologies for all types of glass and fenestration products in North America.

The show will feature an “Innovations Pavilion,” which will display cutting-edge technologies and other groundbreaking advances from across the glass industry.

Educational Opportunities

Daily seminars will be held to address the unique concerns of the glass, window, and door industries. These seminars are designed to offer unique insight into emerging technologies and industry trends.

Who Attends?

The GlassBuild America Website also says the show attracts a wide range of professionals from the glass, window, and door industries, including manufacturers, contract glaziers, architects, specifiers, and builders.

Exhibit Hall Hours

The exhibit hall will be open from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 14 and Wednesday, September 15. It will also be open from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 16.

NFRC representatives will be available at booth #1147 to answer your questions about the organization’s activities and programs. If you plan on attending the show, be sure to stop by.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

CDC Joins Growing Family of NFRC Manufacturer ACE Organizations

NFRC is pleased to introduce Curtain Wall Design and Consulting, Inc. (CDC) as its third Manufacturer ACE Organization.

CDC joins EFCO and Benson.

CDC is a consulting and engineering firm involved with commercial fenestration products, including (but not limited to) curtain walls, skylights, and store fronts. This global company has considerable experience with NFRC and thermal simulations.

ACE organizations have been established within NFRC’s new Component Modeling Approach (CMA) Program as the firms who use the CMA software tool (CMAST) to construct virtual fenestration products and to issue label certificates to prove compliance with the building code requirements for fenestration energy-related performance.

For more information regarding the CMA Program and the new ACE Organizations, visit NFRC’s website.

Please contact, NFRC’s CMA Program Technical Coordinator, Jen Padgett, with any