Friday, December 17, 2010

New Chairs Bring Expertise to NFRC's Consensus-Driven Process

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is pleased to announce that Steve Johnson, John McFee, and Joe Jonely will serve as Committee Chairs.

Ratings Committee

Johnson has been appointed as the Ratings Committee Chair. He will preside over NFRC’s Certification and Labeling program development to assure the uniform application of the rating system. Additionally, the committee serves as the forum for discussion and communication of programs and activities, which significantly affect the rating system.The Ratings Committee meets three times per year.

Accreditation Policy Committee (APC)

McFee will serve as the APC Chair, overseeing NFRC’s Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP). A key part of that committee’s role is to issue policy interpretations relating to laboratory accreditation, rule on appeals properly brought pursuant to the LAP, and recommend modifications to NFRC’s LAP.

The APC meets approximately 12 times per year.

Certification Policy Committee (CPC)

Jonely will step in as CPC Chair. The CPC provides oversight for the Certification Agency Program (CAP) and issues policy interpretations related to NFRC's Product Certification Program.

The CPC meets approximately 12 times per year.

CEO Envisions Unique Contributions

These committee chairs also serve as ex-officio members of the NFRC Board of Directors to ensure that the Board is fully informed regarding the activities of their committees.

“All of these leaders offer specialized skills and a commitment to volunteer leadership,” said NFRC CEO, Jim Benney. “Our members, program participants, and the public will benefit from the expertise they bring to their new positions and to our consensus-driven process.”