Friday, October 21, 2011

New Fees for Membership, Participation Make Membership More Accessible, Equitable

Earlier this year, the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) Board of Directors made a number of important changes that will impact both members and program participants in 2012. First, they have made the benefits of membership more accessible and equitable to many existing and potential members.

In 2012, all fenestration industry representatives, such as manufacturers, and all affiliated industry organization members, such as trade associations, IA’s, laboratories, and general contractors, will pay a flat fee for membership dues - $2000. In some cases, this will increase membership dues, but in the majority of cases it will reduce annual dues.

In each and every case, however, the change ensures that all members will enjoy the benefits of NFRC membership equally because all organizations, regardless of their size, invest the same amount for their “voices and votes.” It should be noted that dues for general interest members such as government agencies, building officials, design professionals, public interest groups, research/higher education institutions, and
Energy Service providers remains the same -- $500.

Additionally, the Product Certification Program (PCP) fees have undergone a significant change. Licensees (fenestration manufacturers) currently pay three different fees – participation fees, product line fees, and label fees. In 2012, licensees will be responsible for a single fee that is based upon their annual sales of fenestration products.

This new fee schedule will make payment easier for NFRC’s licensees. The NFRC office is busy mailing requests for information to all our program participants to determine invoicing for 2012, so please look for that information.

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Finally, NFRC realizes this is a considerable change, and we anticipate you will have questions or require clarification about this exciting stage in our progress.

Please contact NFRC's Membership Manager, Anita Marsh, at 240-821-9508 or NFRC's Product Certification Program Associate, Toni Stroud, at 240-821-9511.