Thursday, October 4, 2012

BOD Hears Committee Reports as Meeting Concludes

NFRC’s Fall Membership Meeting concluded this morning with committee reports during the open Board of Directors meeting.

Accreditation Policy Committee Report
Informational Items

  • Two new simulation and two new testing labs were accredited during 2012. This brings the number of simulation labs to 19 and testing labs to 11.
  • NFRC staff is currently accepting applications for the recently implemented NFRC 202 test procedure and have received one application to date.
  • APC is reviewing a letter submitted by the Tubular Daylighting Device Task Group.
Technical Interpretations Policy Committee Report
Informational Items

  • Three Technical Interpretations were published in 2012.
  • Reviewing two different proposals regarding Complex Glazing and Glazing Cavity links. One proposal is submitted by LBNL and the other by the simulators task group.
Certification Policy Committee Report
Action Items

  • Motion: Move to approve the NFRC 714-2012 as approved by the CPC with implementation upon publication as a 2013 program document. The motion was approved unanimously.
  • Motion: Move to approve the formation of a Board study group to extend the certification time and reduce certification cost and to bring forward a proposal to the membership by the Spring 2013 Committee Week meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.
Research and Technology Committee Report
Action Items

  • Motion: Per the NFRC 703 Research Program Manual, the final project evaluation score average from PMTG members was 61.7. Since this score is less than 70, the W6T6 PMTG recommends to the Research SC the following:

    1. Contractor will be directed to turn over all final project related materials to NFRC staff 
    2. The contractor has been paid for task 1 and 2 and the PMTG recommends paying for task 3 upon receipt by staff of all final project materials. 
    3. The remainder of the contract (peer review paper) be terminated 
    4. Staff will be asked to complete the final report and note all additional changes prior to publication
    5. The contractor may pursue a peer reviewed paper (task 4), however, NFRC will not fund this effort as the contract indicates.
    The motion was approved unanimously
Informational Items
  • Staff reported the NFRC-DOE agreement has exhausted the FY 12 funding and will not be appropriated FY13 monies until April 1, 2013 or later.
  • Staff reported no summary pages or RFPs are presently underway and encourages membership to continue to pursue research despite the funding situation.  NFRC may be able to take action in FY13 if funding is restored.
  • The CMA Improved Algorithm Research Project is nearing completion.  The final report was received and the PMTG will evaluate the report and offer implementation recommendations.
  • The Gas Permeability Research Project continues to make good progress.
Thermophysical Properties of Materials Subcommittee
Action Items
  • Motion: Recommend approval of NFRC 101 and implementation upon approval. 
  • Committee Motion: The Research and Technology Committee approved the identical motion by unanimous voice vote.
  • The NFRC 101 Interlaboratory Comparison is underway for metal emissivities.
  • Generic property peer reviews for some metals and polyurethane foam are being developed.

    The motion was approved unanimously
Optical Properties Subcommittee
Informational Items
  • The NFRC 302 ballot will return to the TG for further work.
  • LBNL reported Complex Products Interlaboratory Comparison indicated good results.
  • The Detailed Daylighting Rating TG reported work towards the beginnings of a potential daylighting rating.