Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DeBlock Brings Knowledge, Vision as Research and Technology Committee Chair

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is pleased to announce that Dave DeBlock will serve as Chair of the Research and Technology (R&T) Committee.

DeBlock will lead the committee’s work as it develops and maintains the technical data used to support the NFRC rating procedures. The R&T Committee is responsible for optical properties, technical research, thermo-physical properties, and long-term energy performance research.

With 18 years involvement in NFRC, DeBlock brings a wide range of knowledge and vision to the Chair position.

He holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and also served on NFRC’s Tubular Daylighting Devices Task Group where he assisted in developing standards and procedures for nearly 10 years.

DeBlock also volunteered as Vice Chair of the Door Task Group for four years and most recently served as Vice Chair of the Research and Technology Committee under recently-retired Chair Werner Lichtenberger.

“I was motivated to seek the R&T Chair position by my desire to take ownership of the progress in designing the most energy efficient fenestration products possible,” DeBlock said. “Given my skills and background, I am uniquely qualified to help make that happen.

An Eye on the Future

DeBlock says that throughout his many years of involvement with NFRC he has always kept a keen eye on what scientists have been doing with fenestration solutions and energy performance. Accordingly, one of his primary goals as R&T Chair is to keep knowledgeable and progressive scientists coming to NFRC’s meetings so the flow of new ideas will continue to increase.

“We’ve got some great minds that are willing to work with the fenestration industry, and we need to capitalize on that,” DeBlock concluded. “By conducting the right kind of research, we can assure our ratings are reliable and repeatable, and that will make all of us more successful."

CEO Welcomes DeBlock’s Perspective

NFRC’s CEO, Jim Benney, said having DeBlock assume the R&T Chair position is the next logical step for someone who has contributed many years of hard work and dedication to the organization’s mission.

“We’ve all been fortunate to benefit from Dave’s specialized knowledge, diverse talents, and persistent ambition,” Benney said. “It’s great to see him step into a leadership position where his insight can help further develop the R&T committee’s focus and objectives while contributing to NFRC’s strategic objectives.”

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