Friday, December 11, 2009

Codes Update Reported by BCAP

Below are some of the codes updates being reported by the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP)


The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) State Codes Advisory Committee (SCAC) 2009 IECC Task Force meeting minutes from November 16 have been posted, as well as a presentation on the 2009 IECC. The amendments submitted through November 24 are also available. The Task Force met again on December 9.

The task force will review the 2009 IECC and ASHRAE 90.1-2007 (the Georgia State Minimum Energy Code currently references the 2006 IECC and ASHRAE 90.1-2004), with a potential adoption expected in the spring of 2010. The task force will consist of stakeholders from state and local governments, utilities, homebuilders and other private industries. Upon approval by the SCAC and the DCA Board, this code will take effect on January 1, 2011.


The Georgia Residential Green Building Code Task Force has posted minutes from its September 30, November 3, and December 8 meetings. All proposed amendments to the National Green Building Standard, ICC 700-2008 need to be submitted to the Department of Community Affairs by December 15, 2009.
The Task Force has scheduled future meetings on January 20, February 18, March 16, April 6, and beyond. Check the Task Force's webpage for meeting announcements and details.

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire State Building Code Review Board has scheduled the completion of its work leftover from its November 13 meeting for an all-day meeting on Friday, December 11 to finish the adoption of potential amendments to the new state code to be based on the 2009 IECC (the current state code is based on the 2006 IECC). The effective date for the new code is now expected in April 2010.

At its meeting on December 11, the Residential Code Advisory Council (RCAC) approved the creation of three-member Energy Subcommittee to address issues with the 2009 IECC. The RCAC stated an expected timeline for the new subcommittee to review the 2009 IECC and all similar options by the end of 2010. The RCAC would then make a recommendation in January 2011 to the Ohio Board of Building Standards (BBS). If approved by the BBS, the new residential code would take effect in 2012.
The first meeting of the Energy Subcommittee is scheduled to take place immediately after the next meeting of the RCAC on Wednesday, January 13.


On December 10, the Pennsylvania Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) approved a regulation adopting the 2009 IECC as the Commonwealth's new energy code for residential and commercial construction. It will be effective January 1, 2010.

As required by the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act of 1999 (and its amendments), the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) is required to update the state’s Uniform Construction Code (UCC) by December 31 of the year of the issuance of the new ICC family of codes (I-codes), including the IECC (the 2009 I-Codes were published in January 2009). The Uniform Construction Code Review and Advisory Council (Council) reviewed the 2009 IECC (the current UCC incorporates the 2006 IECC) this April and informed DLI that no provisions of the 2009 IECC are to be excluded.

DLI’s Regulation 12-89 adopting the 2009 I-Codes was submitted to the IRRC and legislative committees on October 23. The IRRC held a public meeting to consider approval of the regulation on December 10.


Having been charged to develop a new statewide residential energy code earlier this year, the Tennessee Fire Marshal’s Office has issued a rulemaking proposal adopting the 2006 IECC. The proposal would also mandate state buildings to use ASHRAE 90.1-2007 instead of Chapter 13 of the 2006 IBC. A hearing has been scheduled in Nashville for Wednesday, January 6 at 1:00pm CT, before which public comments will be accepted.

Upcoming Events & Comment Deadlines

Fri, Dec 11: New Hampshire – Scheduled meeting of State Building Code Review Board to adopt 2009 IECC

Mon, Dec 14: Montana – Comments on adoption of new energy code (2009 IECC) due to Codes Bureau

Mon, Dec 14: Virginia – Meeting of BHCD Codes and Standards Committee in Richmond, VA

Tues, Dec 15: Georgia – Proposed RGBC amendments to ICC-700 due to DCA

Tues, Dec 15: Georgia – Proposed amendments to 2009 IECC due to DCA SCAC

Wed, Dec 16: Georgia – RGBC Water/EE Work Group meets at DCA in Atlanta, GA

Sat, Dec 26: Washington, DC – 2008 DC Construction Codes become fully effective

Thur, Dec 31: Pennsylvania – 2009 Uniform Construction Code (2009 IECC) scheduled to take effect

Fri, Jan 1: California – 2008 Title 24 Standards effective statewide

Fri, Jan 1: Iowa – 2009 IECC effective statewide (with three-month grace period)

Wed, Jan 6: Tennessee – Comments on 2006 IECC due; meeting of Fire Marshal’s Office in Nashville

Wed, Jan 13: Ohio – RCAC meeting followed by Energy Subcommittee meeting

Mon, Jan 25: Virginia – Comments on 2009 IECC due to VA DCHD

Wed, Jan 27 – Fri, Jan 29: Green and Blue Conference in Auburn, AL

Mon, Feb 22 – Wed, Feb 24: RESNET 2010 Building Performance Conference in Raleigh, NC

Thur, Apr 1: New Hampshire – 2009 IECC scheduled to take effect