Friday, November 20, 2009

The Fall Meeting Is in the Books

That will do it from beautiful San Antonio. We'll see you all again next April in New Orleans.
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Closing Thoughts from the Chair

Well, the 2009 Fall Membership Meeting has now come to a close, and as always I find myself amazed and appreciative of all the hard work and dedication put forth by everyone involved. As usual, many of the debates over the past week were very spirited. I know that in some ways this can be a source of frustration, but as I’ve stated in the past I take this as a sign of a truly healthy and vibrant organization in which everyone is genuinely committed to “getting it right.” If we didn’t really care about what we’re doing, these debates would be far less passionate, but where’s the fun in that? So, I again extend my appreciation and congratulations to the hardest working and most dedicated people I know … the members and staff of NFRC.

Following are specific thoughts on the past week, in no particular order:

· Clearly the major topic of interest this week was advancement on rating procedures for attachments. It’s obvious we have much more work to do, and in particular the issue of appropriate reference products needs to be settled. However, despite the challenges we faced this week, I believe we continue to make excellent progress at a rather remarkable pace.

· IG certification is also a topic of great interest as the July 1, 2010, date approaches. I want everyone to know that the Board is hearing all the comments and concerns being offered, and the Board will give each item its due consideration. However everyone also needs to know that at this time, the July 1, 2010, date is unchanged, and all participant are strongly encouraged to continue marching toward that date.

· Completion of the 901 AEP procedure is truly an historic milestone in our history and evolution. This effort has been underway for as long as I can recall. Granted we have not yet achieved the ultimate goal of a consumer-friendly AEP rating, but the approval of the revised 901 is a major step in reaching that goal.

· The CMA Program continues to make advancements. The current pilot program is providing us valuable information for final adjustments as we move into the full program in early 2010.

· I very definitely have mixed feelings about bidding farewell to Roland Temple. In one sense I’m very happy for him and wish him all the best as he enters into retirement. On the other hand, I really wonder if NFRC will ever be the same without him. Roland, you are truly one of the unique, even special, individuals who helped NFRC become the success that it is today and will be in the future. You will be sorely missed and leave behind shoes (actually boots) that are simply too big to ever fill. Best wishes to you and Neville as you enjoy your retirement. Thanks for all you’ve done, and God Bless !!!

· Lastly, I hope everyone enjoyed all the 20-year celebration festivities. Since the Thursday morning Board meeting ran a little long, we didn’t get a chance to review everyone’s responses to my “homework” assignment about sharing their favorite memories over NFRC’s first 20 years. So, here they are:

o The Alaska Board meeting that got “moosed."
o In 1992 we had 400 people in New Orleans as the first label requirements were pending. At that point we knew NFRC would work and last!
o The dinner during the Miami meeting. Great food, drink, entertainment – and cigars.
o The rotating bar at the hotel in Arlington, VA.
o The music and beautiful people and scenery in Quebec City.
o Meeting in Berkeley, CA when manufacturers threatened to lynch Nehemiah.
o Forming the NGRC – the National Gumbo Rating Council.
o The sunsets in Hawaii.
o Nehemiah, John Hogan, and Gary Curtis keeping us on our toes.
o The all you can eat snack shack in Tempe, Arizona.
o Sailing trip with whales in Hawaii (Big Island).

As you can see, most of these memories are tied into the places where we meet. Here’s hoping that many of you made new favorite memories here in San Antonio.

I look forward to seeing you all again in New Orleans next Spring. Until then, and as always … THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO !!! (And also, Happy Holidays!)