Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AEP: Could It Be True?

After nearly 20 years of development, an NFRC subcommittee has approved an annual energy performance procedure. At 9:06 p.m. Central Standard Time, by unanimous voice vote, the AEP Subcommittee, chaired by Jim Larsen (with an "e") of Cardinal Glass Corporation, sent NFRC 901 to the Technical Committee for review.

And with that, the NFRC meeting mercifully came to a close. The Technical Committee will reconvene at 7:30 on Wednesday morning.

Air Leakage Subcommittee Continues Evening Session

NFRC continued to burn the midnight oil as the Air Leakage Subcommittee focused on its business this evening.

Michael Thoman of Architectural Testing, Inc., chair of the subcommittee, opened the meeting, followed by a report from Chris Nolt of ProVia Door, Inc., on the Air Leakage Task Group’s activities.

The subcommittee then turned its attention to the NFRC 400-2010 ballot review, which drew four negatives and two approved with comments.

Several motions were presented and approved by the subcommittee. It passed a motion that found Andersen Corporation’s first negative comment on the ballot persuasive and substantive, sending it take back to Task Group to revise the language. The subcommittee addressed Andersen’s second comment, regarding how reporting differences are to be reconciled, by passing a motion to find the negative substantive and persuasive and allow the report to follow the NAFS requirements if following the NAFS test method and follow NFRC 400 requirements if following the NFRC test method.

After the ballot’s third negative comment was withdrawn, the subcommittee voted on its third motion of the evening: to find VELUX’s negative persuasive and substantive and include language to allow the manufacturer to supply the largest production size if it is less than the minimum size of the NAFS table.

The subcommittee meeting concluded after it passed a motion to reaffirm NFRC 400-2004 as an interim document.

Results from the Attachments SC Straw Polls

Results from the non-binding base case window straw polls taken after the Attachments Subcommittee reconvened for a rare late-night session are available on the Attachments Subcommittee page on the NFRC Web site.

Attendees Take Break from NFRC Business

After two busy days of program business, attendees took a well deserved break at the NFRC's 20th Anniversary Membership Reception this evening. The event featured authentic Tex-Mex cuisine, a mariachi band, and a champagne toast to celebrate NFRC's special milestone.

Attachment SC Meeting to Reconvene Tonight

Members of the Attachment Subcommittee engaged in a spirited debate over the base case window products included in NFRC 100-A (or, possibly, NFRC 104, but more on that later).

With some members arguing that the time had come to move forward and others cautioning that the approach NFRC takes has to ensure a level playing field and deliver information that customers for attachment ratings need and want, the group ultimately decided to withdraw the ballot and conduct a series of straw votes to provide the task group with better direction on the issue.

But not before the subcommittee decided to break for the NFRC Membership Reception. The subcommittee will reconvene at 7:30 this evening.

Wish You Were Here?

NFRC served up a field of colorful cupcakes for the Tuesday afternoon break. Delicious!

W6/T6, CMAST Approval Task Groups Report Progress

The Technical Committee Block got underway with two reports from the Software Subcommittee, one from the WINDOW 6/THERM 6 Approval Task Group and another from the CMAST Approval Task Group. Both groups are making progress on their respective tasks.

Joe Hayden of Pella reported that the W6/T6 Approval Task Group is managing the process of obtaining NFRC approval of W6/T6 per NFRC Software Approval Guidelines. About 80 percent of the work under the approval process is complete, including the cost-benefit analysis. The task group’s goal is to obtain approval of W6/T6 at the NFRC 2010 Spring Membership Meeting in New Orleans.

The committee then heard the latest on the CMAST Approval Task Group’s work. Jessica Ferris, NFRC’s CMA program manager, reported that the only outstanding task from the Summer Membership Meeting was the verification study. Since that meeting, the task group completed that task, and NFRC posted the report to its Web site and announced its availability to the membership for review. (Members had two weeks to review the report.) At its September meeting, the Board of Director reviewed the members’ comments, and then approved CMAST for the pilot program, along with W6/T6. The Board also moved forward to approve CMAST for the full implementation of CMA in January 2010.

Optical Properties SC Hears Task Group Reports

The Optical Properties Subcommittee met Tuesday morning and heard reports from several task group chairs.

Ray McGowan, NFRC’s senior research and technology manager, encouraged members to get involved with the NFRC 302 Task Group “because the whole document is being reviewed and there could be significant changes.”

Charlie Curcija of Carli, Inc. told the subcommittee that the Non-planar Simulation Task Group is working on a one-page research summary page and plans to submit it at the next meeting.

The subcommittee also heard reports from the Attachment Optical Properties Task Group and a brief update on ISO activity.

Research SC Approves Numerous Motions

The Research Subcommittee, chaired by Bipin Shah of WinBuild, Inc., approved five motions during its Tuesday morning meeting. These approvals included motions by:

- Kevin Vilhauer of Milgard Manufacturing, seconded by Dave De Block of ODL Incorporated, to extend the completion date for the Condensation Resistance Procedure for CMA research project to January 31, 2010;

- Joe Hayden of Pella Corporation, seconded by Charlie Curcija of Carli, Inc., to extend the completion date for the WINDOW 6/THERM 6 Validation research project to the Spring 2010 membership meeting;

- Hayden, seconded by Steve Harp of Associated Materials, Inc., to recommend to the Research & Technology Committee that it approve a $5,200 increase in funding for the WINDOW 6/THERM 6 project;

- Sneh Kumar of TRACO, seconded by Tracy Rogers of Edgetech I.G., to recommend to the Research & Technology Committee that it approve a “CMA methodology” summary page for RFP development; and

- Peter Lyons of Peter Lyons & Associates, seconded by Roland Temple of AZS Consulting, to recommend to the Research & Technology Committee that it approve a “spandrel system performance validation” summary page for RFP development.

Research Funding Is Available
NFRC Senior Research and Technology Manager Ray McGowan told the subcommittee that approximately $1.1 million is available to fund research projects through 2014 (though three proposed projects would use up approximately $250,000 of that amount, if approved).

“There are funds available, and I encourage members to submit summary sheets,” McGowan said.

Thoughts Shared on Improved Project Management
John Gant of Glen Raven presented four ideas, developed by the NFRC 703-Research Program Manual Task Group, intended to minimize delays and cancellations and prevent negligent behaviors by all participants. Subcommittee members discussed the possibility of:

- including more regimented delivery dates in contracts, with payments tied into those dates;
- imposing financial penalties for late deliverables that are not justified;
- retaining a portion of projects’ budgets until entire the projects are complete; and
- assigning greater responsibility for PMTGs to meet frequently and respond and manage the process and communicate issues.

Also during the Research Subcommittee meeting, Ross McCluney presented reports on the Complex VT Rating and Attached Awning Ratings research projects.

Research & Technology Committee Passes Four Motions

After Chair Werner Lichtenberger of TruSeal Technologies welcomed members of the Research and Technology Committee, the group wrapped up the morning’s business by passing four motions presented by its subcommittees.

Bipin Shah of WinBuild, Inc., who chairs the Research Subcommittee, presented three motions to the committee to:

·Extend the Window 6/Therm 6 Validation research project deadline to NFRC Spring 2010 Membership Meeting
·Extend the deadline for the Condensation Resistance for the Component Modeling Approach (CMA) project to January 31, 2010
·Increase funding by $5,200 for the Window 6/THERM 6 Validation research project

He also noted that the Research Subcommittee appointed Peter Lyons of Peter Lyons & Associates as its vice chair after Rich Biscoe of Architectural Testing, Inc., resigned. Shah welcomed Lyons to the position and thanked Biscoe “for all the support he’s given us.” Bipin also mentioned that the subcommittee is seeking a task group chair for long-term research activities.
Sneh Kumar of TRACO Inc., who serves as the chair of the Optical Properties Subcommittee, reported that his committee had no motions to present. He requested that more NFRC members participate in the subcommittee’s activities.

Charlie Curcija of CARLI, Inc., who chairs the Thermophysical Properties of Materials Subcommittee brought forward the fourth motion to the subcommittee:

·To move NFRC 101 forward to the Board of Directors, except for items sent back to the Task Group, with implementation upon publication of the 2010 documents.

Curcija, who also chairs the Glossary and Terminology Subcommittee, noted it had no action items for the subcommittee.

With the passage of the motions, the Research & Technology Committee moved these actions items to the Board for final approval.

CMA/Title 24 Brochure Available in Registration Area

Meeting attendees are encouraged to pick up a copy of the Component Modeling Approach (CMA) brochure focusing on the new provision in California’s Title 24 2008 energy standards for site-built fenestration in non-residential buildings. It is available in the registration area outside the Crystal Ballroom.

The brochure outlines the CMA process and provides information on using CMA for Title 24 energy compliance. An insert provides additional details on the:

·CMA Software Tool (CMAST)
·CMA Label Certificate
·Certificate of Compliance (ENV-1C)
·Certificate of Acceptance (ENV-2A)
·Acceptance Requirements (NA7.4.1)

A sample CMA Label Certificate is also included.

NFRC is offering education opportunities that focus on CMA and Title 24. On December 3, 2009, and January 28, 2010, NFRC will present a free educational webinar designed for building officials and energy consultants in California, conducted by the Heschong Mahone Group. More information is available online.

Meeting Presentations Available on the Web

If you would like to review the presentations given during the meetings that took place on Monday, Nov. 16, NFRC staff has uploaded them to the NFRC Web site.

Glossary TG Reviews 600 Ballot

After briefly discussing ways to improve the navigability of NFRC’s ever-growing glossary of terms, Chair Charlie Curcija steered the Glossary and Terminology Task Group through discussion of numerous negatives and approvals with comment on the NFRC 600-Glossary and Terminology Ballot.

The group found two negatives, submitted by Joe Hayden of Pella Corporation and Jim Larsen of Cardinal respectively, to be persuasive.

On a unanimous voice vote, the group approved a motion – made by Hayden and seconded by Steve Johnson of Andersen Corporation – to find Hayden’s negative to be editorial and substantive. As a result of this motion, NFRC 600 will need to be re-balloted.

By a vote of 18-7, the group approved the following motion – made by Les Condit of Entech Solar and seconded by Sneh Kumar of TRACO – in response to Larsen’s negative:

"Definitions remain in NFRC 600 and be added into their respective documents. Staff will inform membership if specific document definitions and NFRC 600 do not match or if any new definition conflicts with existing definitions."
Check Spelling
“We will take these negatives into account, and come back with a new ballot,” Curcija said, closing the meeting.

R&T Subcommittees Busy This Morning

The Research & Technology Committee Block got underway with the Thermophysical Properties of Materials Subcommittee, chaired by Charlie Curcija of CARLI, Inc.

Ray McGowan, NFRC’s senior research and technology manager, provided an update on the Thermophysical Properties Peer Review. He reported that nine new physical properties have been received for addition to NFRC 101.

Then, he provided an update on the status of the Thermophysical Properties Interlaboratory Comparison (ILC), reporting that the last laboratory is finishing up the test, and hopefully a report will be ready for members by the 2010 Spring Membership Meeting.

McGowan also talked about the development of an electronic database for Thermophysical properties, hoping that it will be put into THERM and that NFRC can post it on the Web site for members to make comments.

The subcommittee then turned its attention to NFRC 101 (Procedure for Determining Thermophysical Properties of Materials For Use in NFRC-Approved Software Programs). The single ballot being considered involved significant changes to various wood properties and procedures governing their inclusion for simulations. (NFRC 700-Product Certification Program Manual has also been balloted to accommodate the changes shown in NFRC 101).

After review and discussion of the ballot's comments, the subcommittee passed a motion to approve NFRC 101 as amended and implement upon publication of the 2010 documents.

NFRC Booth Takes Center Stage in Hotel's Lobby

The new NFRC exhibit asked for some coverage in NFRC News Now. The editors could not turn it down. "I would like attendees to check out the prime real estate I scored in the lobby," the booth reported.
The new booth, unveiled earlier this year, features a dynamic design and an updated message. "I communicate much better to all audiences now. Thank you, NFRC!" the booth said.

Day Starts with Certification Policy Business

Today’s committee meetings started with the final business of the NFRC Policy Committee Block that began yesterday afternoon. During the Certification Policy Committee meeting, Scott Hanlon, NFRC’s senior programs manager, reported on the status of IA inspections, noting that only one remains for 2009.

The committee then turned its attention to Insulating Glass (IG) certification. Effective July 2010, insulating glass units used in NFRC certified and labeled products must be certified by a third-party IG certification program listed in the Participating IG Certification Program Directory prior to those products obtaining NFRC certification authorization.

Hanlon said that NFRC plans to distribute a bulletin providing details of each entities role and directed attendees to the IG Certification section of the NFRC Web site for more information. He also noted that NFRC 706 details the certification requirements for IG Certification Programs.

Committee Chair Roland Temple requested that technical questions about the IG program be directed to one’s IG program manager/representative.

Temple also encouraged participants to send any issues on IG certification to staff in writing, and closed the meeting by reminding everyone to keep in mind the upcoming July 2010 deadline.

Welcome Back!

Good morning, and welcome to the second day of the NFRC 2009 Fall Membership Meeting!

If you missed the Opening Session yesterday, be sure to watch this video of Brad Normandeau, of the Texas Living History Association, singing the national anthem:

(Video taken by Kaz Sephton, of Sturchio Entertainment).