Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Air Leakage Subcommittee Continues Evening Session

NFRC continued to burn the midnight oil as the Air Leakage Subcommittee focused on its business this evening.

Michael Thoman of Architectural Testing, Inc., chair of the subcommittee, opened the meeting, followed by a report from Chris Nolt of ProVia Door, Inc., on the Air Leakage Task Group’s activities.

The subcommittee then turned its attention to the NFRC 400-2010 ballot review, which drew four negatives and two approved with comments.

Several motions were presented and approved by the subcommittee. It passed a motion that found Andersen Corporation’s first negative comment on the ballot persuasive and substantive, sending it take back to Task Group to revise the language. The subcommittee addressed Andersen’s second comment, regarding how reporting differences are to be reconciled, by passing a motion to find the negative substantive and persuasive and allow the report to follow the NAFS requirements if following the NAFS test method and follow NFRC 400 requirements if following the NFRC test method.

After the ballot’s third negative comment was withdrawn, the subcommittee voted on its third motion of the evening: to find VELUX’s negative persuasive and substantive and include language to allow the manufacturer to supply the largest production size if it is less than the minimum size of the NAFS table.

The subcommittee meeting concluded after it passed a motion to reaffirm NFRC 400-2004 as an interim document.

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