Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Research SC Approves Numerous Motions

The Research Subcommittee, chaired by Bipin Shah of WinBuild, Inc., approved five motions during its Tuesday morning meeting. These approvals included motions by:

- Kevin Vilhauer of Milgard Manufacturing, seconded by Dave De Block of ODL Incorporated, to extend the completion date for the Condensation Resistance Procedure for CMA research project to January 31, 2010;

- Joe Hayden of Pella Corporation, seconded by Charlie Curcija of Carli, Inc., to extend the completion date for the WINDOW 6/THERM 6 Validation research project to the Spring 2010 membership meeting;

- Hayden, seconded by Steve Harp of Associated Materials, Inc., to recommend to the Research & Technology Committee that it approve a $5,200 increase in funding for the WINDOW 6/THERM 6 project;

- Sneh Kumar of TRACO, seconded by Tracy Rogers of Edgetech I.G., to recommend to the Research & Technology Committee that it approve a “CMA methodology” summary page for RFP development; and

- Peter Lyons of Peter Lyons & Associates, seconded by Roland Temple of AZS Consulting, to recommend to the Research & Technology Committee that it approve a “spandrel system performance validation” summary page for RFP development.

Research Funding Is Available
NFRC Senior Research and Technology Manager Ray McGowan told the subcommittee that approximately $1.1 million is available to fund research projects through 2014 (though three proposed projects would use up approximately $250,000 of that amount, if approved).

“There are funds available, and I encourage members to submit summary sheets,” McGowan said.

Thoughts Shared on Improved Project Management
John Gant of Glen Raven presented four ideas, developed by the NFRC 703-Research Program Manual Task Group, intended to minimize delays and cancellations and prevent negligent behaviors by all participants. Subcommittee members discussed the possibility of:

- including more regimented delivery dates in contracts, with payments tied into those dates;
- imposing financial penalties for late deliverables that are not justified;
- retaining a portion of projects’ budgets until entire the projects are complete; and
- assigning greater responsibility for PMTGs to meet frequently and respond and manage the process and communicate issues.

Also during the Research Subcommittee meeting, Ross McCluney presented reports on the Complex VT Rating and Attached Awning Ratings research projects.

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