Tuesday, November 17, 2009

W6/T6, CMAST Approval Task Groups Report Progress

The Technical Committee Block got underway with two reports from the Software Subcommittee, one from the WINDOW 6/THERM 6 Approval Task Group and another from the CMAST Approval Task Group. Both groups are making progress on their respective tasks.

Joe Hayden of Pella reported that the W6/T6 Approval Task Group is managing the process of obtaining NFRC approval of W6/T6 per NFRC Software Approval Guidelines. About 80 percent of the work under the approval process is complete, including the cost-benefit analysis. The task group’s goal is to obtain approval of W6/T6 at the NFRC 2010 Spring Membership Meeting in New Orleans.

The committee then heard the latest on the CMAST Approval Task Group’s work. Jessica Ferris, NFRC’s CMA program manager, reported that the only outstanding task from the Summer Membership Meeting was the verification study. Since that meeting, the task group completed that task, and NFRC posted the report to its Web site and announced its availability to the membership for review. (Members had two weeks to review the report.) At its September meeting, the Board of Director reviewed the members’ comments, and then approved CMAST for the pilot program, along with W6/T6. The Board also moved forward to approve CMAST for the full implementation of CMA in January 2010.

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