Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glossary TG Reviews 600 Ballot

After briefly discussing ways to improve the navigability of NFRC’s ever-growing glossary of terms, Chair Charlie Curcija steered the Glossary and Terminology Task Group through discussion of numerous negatives and approvals with comment on the NFRC 600-Glossary and Terminology Ballot.

The group found two negatives, submitted by Joe Hayden of Pella Corporation and Jim Larsen of Cardinal respectively, to be persuasive.

On a unanimous voice vote, the group approved a motion – made by Hayden and seconded by Steve Johnson of Andersen Corporation – to find Hayden’s negative to be editorial and substantive. As a result of this motion, NFRC 600 will need to be re-balloted.

By a vote of 18-7, the group approved the following motion – made by Les Condit of Entech Solar and seconded by Sneh Kumar of TRACO – in response to Larsen’s negative:

"Definitions remain in NFRC 600 and be added into their respective documents. Staff will inform membership if specific document definitions and NFRC 600 do not match or if any new definition conflicts with existing definitions."
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“We will take these negatives into account, and come back with a new ballot,” Curcija said, closing the meeting.

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