Thursday, September 2, 2010

CDC Joins Growing Family of NFRC Manufacturer ACE Organizations

NFRC is pleased to introduce Curtain Wall Design and Consulting, Inc. (CDC) as its third Manufacturer ACE Organization.

CDC joins EFCO and Benson.

CDC is a consulting and engineering firm involved with commercial fenestration products, including (but not limited to) curtain walls, skylights, and store fronts. This global company has considerable experience with NFRC and thermal simulations.

ACE organizations have been established within NFRC’s new Component Modeling Approach (CMA) Program as the firms who use the CMA software tool (CMAST) to construct virtual fenestration products and to issue label certificates to prove compliance with the building code requirements for fenestration energy-related performance.

For more information regarding the CMA Program and the new ACE Organizations, visit NFRC’s website.

Please contact, NFRC’s CMA Program Technical Coordinator, Jen Padgett, with any