Tuesday, November 8, 2011

U-factor Subcommittee Addresses Four Ballots, Creates New Task Group to Study Gap Widths

Thoman leads U-factor Subcommittee Discussions
U-factor Subcommittee Chair, Mike Thoman, addressed four ballots during this afternoon’s meeting.

NFRC 100 Commercial Skylights Ballot

This ballot concerned adding language to the NFRC 100 to accommodate the rating of large, commercial skylights. A motion to approve the ballot, noting that the relevant TI would be rescinded, and forward it Technical was approved by unanimous voice vote.

NFRC 100 Skylight Appendix 3 Ballot

The new Appendix A 3 addresses an emerging need by specifiers for project-specific skylight U-factor ratings similar to those available for non-standard window sizes as described in A.2.

The fundamental issue here is that as building codes continue to reduce the maximum allowed U-factors for all fenestration products, it is important to all for non-certified ratings to be made available for skylights at actual installed slopes.

One concern was that a statement in the document regarding certification should not be included in a technical document because NFRC does not allow for the certification of non-standard conditions.

After striking the word “certified” from the language and confirming that standard skylight sizes are simulated, a motion to move the ballot forward passed by unanimous voice vote.

NFRC 100 Sash Kit Ballot

During the Summer 2010 Virtual Committee Meeting, a ballot to revise the language in the NFRC 100, Section 5.1.2 Variations from Standard Product Lines regarding sash kits of any operator type.

While this ballot failed, a task group was assigned to revisit the issue. After creating some modified language, the group decided it would be more applicable to all products by moving it to the NFRC 100, Section 4.2.7 General Rating Rule, thereby removing Section 5.1.2. This change will cover operator types such as window sash kits, sliding door panels, and side hinged door slabs.

One negative was that sash kits, sliding door panels, and side hinged door slabs that are identical in material and design as a manufacturer’s rated product line may use the same ratings. A motion to move this ballot forward to Technical was passed by unanimous voice vote.

NFRC 102 Glazing Deflection Ballot

This ballot seeks to add language to the NFRC 102 test procedure regarding the measurement of glazing deflection.

In the course of discussing how various gap widths would apply to various IG units, one member expressed concern that the numbers were arbitrary rather than founded in science. This resulted in a move to table the ballot until further studies can be conducted on the gap width. Chair Mike Thoman created a task group to take on this work.

R&T Passes Three Motions During Afternoon Session

Strawn and DeBlock Engage in Discussion following R&T Meeting
Dave DeBlock led the Research and Technology Committee proceedings in passing three motions as the fall membership meeting continued its work toward refining NFRC's programs.

Following a report on the W6/T6 research project, a motion to extend the completion date to the spring 2012 conference was approved, 44-2.

A motion to deem the CMA CR research complete and make the final payment passed by unanimous voice vote. The next step is to send the data to the CMA Technical Committee to determine how it will be incorporated into CMA. This action will dissolve the project management task group.

A motion put forth during the Thermophysical Properties Subcommittee discussion that requires written reaffirmation for materials rather than retesting passed, 25-4.

This motion passed following some debate on whether retesting every eight years should    be required. One concern was that such testing would not add anything valuable to the procedure and would be too long. The issue will be returned to the Task Group to remove the language and to instead have manufacturers reaffirm that the materials they are using have not changed.

Simonton's Jenkins Dedicated to Expediting Improvements to NFRC Programs

Tina Jenkins says sharing knowledge creates succsss
Tina Jenkins, a fenestration industry veteran who has spent 21 years with Simonton Windows, attended her first NFRC meeting 10 years ago, and she has been involved with the organization ever since.

Starting out as an attendee interested in learning more about NFRC’s activities and programs, she now serves as the Vice Chair of the Technical Committee, Vice Chair for the 700 Certification Subcommittee, and Task Group Chair for the 700.

Jenkins was motivated to get involved with NFRC when her colleague, Chuck Anderson, recognized her talents and enthusiasm and felt she could serve as his replacement during membership meetings while he pursued other initiatives.

She has been a dedicated member over the years, working tirelessly to expedite revisions and improvements in NFRC's programs. She believes IGU certification is one example where members collaborated especially effectively to get things done quickly.

Jenkins adds that in addition to cooperation and teamwork among the members, contributions from the EPA and the DOE have also helped expedite the refinement of NFRC’s programs. For example, Jenkins points out that following additional input and insight from these organizations, NFRC was able to implement a plan for including the full CPD number on the temporary label.

“We have many talented and knowledgeable members with plenty of expertise to share,” Jenkins concluded. “Bringing them all together to improve understanding, comprehension, and awareness is what these meetings are all about. The more effectively we can accomplish this, the faster we can get things done.”