Tuesday, November 8, 2011

R&T Passes Three Motions During Afternoon Session

Strawn and DeBlock Engage in Discussion following R&T Meeting
Dave DeBlock led the Research and Technology Committee proceedings in passing three motions as the fall membership meeting continued its work toward refining NFRC's programs.

Following a report on the W6/T6 research project, a motion to extend the completion date to the spring 2012 conference was approved, 44-2.

A motion to deem the CMA CR research complete and make the final payment passed by unanimous voice vote. The next step is to send the data to the CMA Technical Committee to determine how it will be incorporated into CMA. This action will dissolve the project management task group.

A motion put forth during the Thermophysical Properties Subcommittee discussion that requires written reaffirmation for materials rather than retesting passed, 25-4.

This motion passed following some debate on whether retesting every eight years should    be required. One concern was that such testing would not add anything valuable to the procedure and would be too long. The issue will be returned to the Task Group to remove the language and to instead have manufacturers reaffirm that the materials they are using have not changed.

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