Friday, October 22, 2010

NFRC Completes First Thermophysical Property Inter-Laboratory Comparison

NFRC has completed its first Thermophysical Property Inter-laboratory Comparison as required by NFRC 103-Verification Program for Thermophysical Property Data.

Four commercial testing labs successfully completed the ILC and are now listed as NFRC participating testing labs on the NFRC Website. These labs may test materials for inclusion in NFRC 101-Procedure for Determining Thermophysical Properties of Materials for use in NFRC Approved Software.

Participants interested in submitting manufacturer specific thermophysical properties of materials may contact the listed labs for testing and then forward their test results to NFRC staff for peer review per the NFRC 103. Upon the successful completion of the peer review, the material properties are added as an addendum to NFRC 101, appendix C.

The final Thermophysical Property Interlaboratory report may be reviewed by clicking on the web page below then looking under "reference documents."

NFRC’s Submit Thermophysical Properties Web page