Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NFRC's Board of Directors -- Three Seats Filled, Opportunities Remain

NFRC’s Board of Directors – Three Seats Filled but Opportunities Remain

NFRC extends a special thank you to all of its voting members who participated in November’s online board election. The election is completed and the results are in.


Sneh Kumar of TRACO was elected as a first-time Board member to fill the Fenestration Industry Category seat.

Mike Thoman of Architectural Testing, Inc. was re-elected to a second term to fill the Laboratory seat.

Kerry Haglund of the Center for Sustainable Building Research was also re-elected to a second term, filling the General Interest seat.

Remaining Opportunities

Longtime NFRC advocate, Board Member, and Certification Policy Committee (CPC) Chair, Roland Temple has chosen to retire, and his departure leaves two leadership voids – a General Interest Category Board Seat and the CPC Chair.

Accordingly, the Board of Directors is asking NFRC members to help fill these two seats. The General Interest Board seat will re-open for general election next fall, but still needs to be filled on an interim basis.

Individuals serving in the General Interest Category must be employed by or have a significant affiliation with current NFRC members in good standing who are in the General Interest membership category.

The CPC Chair is selected from among NFRC membership and holds an ex-officio (non-voting) seat on the NFRC Board of Directors. The seat also includes a number of other fiduciary responsibilities accorded to that position. NFRC will provide detailed information to anyone who is interested.

If you would like to recommend someone to fill the General Interest Board Seat or the CPC Chair, please contact Jim Benney, NFRC’s Executive Director, at

Please submit your recommendations by December 15, 2009.