Friday, April 16, 2010

Hayden's Thoughts Forthcoming

Be sure to visit early next week. NFRC News Now will bring you Board Chair, Joe Hayden's, reflections on this week's membership meeting.

Thursday Morning's Board Meeting Features Reports, Motions, and a Touch of Levity

NFRC’s Board of Directors met on Thursday morning to consider motions and to hear various reports.

Accreditation Policy Committee

Marcia Falke reported on the week’s activities in the Accreditation Policy Committee (APC), saying one new lab was inspected in February. Additionally, Falke said all 2009 inspection reports were completed and in process with labs or APC.

Furthermore, Falke reported that four simulation and test labs are slated to be inspected in 2010. Additionally, all current NFRC Certified Simulators are required to undergo ASL training to satisfactorily model in THERM6 for modeling frame and spacer components and then import them into CMAST.

Technical Interpretations Policy Committee (TIPC)

Tom Culp provided a report on the (TIPC). Culp’s report included a motion whereby new glazing options are added to an existing matrix, clarifying that the initial SHGC / VT 0.00 and 1.00 tables shall be used for the entire certification cycle and only be updated upon recertification. The idea here is that this avoids the impractical situation of having to go back to change all previous ratings which used the initial table. The motion was approved by the Board 10-0-0.

Culp also moved to approve TI-2010-02 with the following directions to NFRC Staff, Laboratories and IA’s on how to implement this TI:

For approved frame components already in the CMAST Frame Library and marked as “Vertical Meeting Rail”: NFRC staff shall remove the frame component and notify the sim lab.

• The SIM lab shall correct the Cross Section Type to “Jamb” and resubmit the frame component.

• The IA shall approve the modified component.

For frame components that have been submitted by the lab but not yet approved:

• The IA shall reject the frame component to send it back to the sim lab.

• The sim lab shall correct the Cross Section Type to “Jamb” and resubmit the frame component.

• The IA shall continue with their normal review for approval.

Following some discussion, it was determined that it would be best to consider this more closely during a future meeting. Culp’s motion therefore failed. A subsequent motion to have TIPC develop an implementation plan passed 10-0-0.

Certification Policy Committee

Steve Johnson reported that the Certification Policy Committee (CPC) the 2009 CAP inspection reports are scheduled to be completed by the end of April. Johnson also said the 2010 CAP inspections will be scheduled.

Furthermore, the 2009 CAP workshop was held and completed in early January 2010, and the CAP workshops are scheduled and will be held 3 to 4 weeks after each membership meeting.

Johnson reminded and informed the members about the IG Certification date requirement; the extension requests to be submitted to NFRC staff; the $250 extension request fee requirement will begin on June 1st and will be reflected in the NFRC 704 (Fee scheduled). Additionally, Johnson informed the membership for those interested in NFRC recognizing 3rd party specifications, such as European specifications for IG testing, to bring forth proposals to NFRC demonstrating an equivalency or ability to exceed NFRC specification requirements.

Research Subcommittee

Werner Lichtenberger spoke for the Research Subcommittee, moving to recommend approval of the Awning Rating Research Final report and approve contractor payment. Lichtenberger also moved to extend the CMA CR Research project completion deadline until fall 2010 Membership meeting. A second motion asked to approve the NFRC 703-Research Program Manual as modified by ballot.

Lichtenberger added some levity to the meeting by addressing the Board while wearing a hat from what he called "the best donut shop in New Orleans."

A third motion asked to extend the TDD U-factor Research deadline until the Fall 2010 membership meeting. Finally, Lichtenberger moved to extend the Window 6 Therm 6 Validation Research Project deadline until summer 2010 membership meeting.

All three of Lichtenberger's motions were approved.

Lichtenberger also said Complex VT Research PMTG reported their progress and will present a final report at the Summer 2010 membership meeting. Furthermore, a Ventilation Task Group was created and will report to Research SC. A scope was created, task group members volunteered, and a chair was appointed.
Also, a motion to approve NFRC staff reviewing the NFRC 600 for any conflict and to come back to the BOD with any conflicts will be considered during the Board’s closed-door meeting later in the day Thursday.

There over-riding idea here is that NFRC staff will review all NFRC documents for variation of definitions and then report to the BOD with any conflicts. Any conflicts would be removed from the definition from the NFRC 600, and NFRC’s staff will work with the Glossary TG to resolve them.

Thermophysical Properties of Materials Subcommittee

This subcommittee moved to approve the NFRC 101-Thermophysical Properties of Materials for NFRC approved Software as modified by ballot. This was passed unanimously.

Additionally, seven thermophysical property testing labs have completed testing of the NFRC interlaboratory samples. NFRC staff will report on results at the summer membership meeting. Completion of the ILC will enable NFRC 103-Thermophysical Properties Versification Program to be enforced.
Garrett Stone reported that the Regulatory Affairs and Marketing Committee (RAM) had no motions, but reported that it formed two new task groups to consider ventilation and daylighting ratings.

Air Leakage

Jeff Baker made a motion for the Air Leakage Subcommittee. Baker asked the Board to approve the NFR 400 Air Leakage Ballot to be implemented upon publication and to move the Air Leakage Ballot as revised by the subcommittee for Board approval to be implemented upon publication. Baker said staff will look into NFRC governing documents regarding the rounding of ratings values for Air Leakage ratings. This motioned passed, 8-0-2.

Baker also motioned to approve the NFRC 400 – TI Ballot for implemented upon publication. This passed 10-0-0.

CMA Subcommittee

Additionally, Baker motioned to approve the CMA Complex Product ballots as approved at the Technical Committee to be implemented upon publication after going back to subcommittee for further work. This motion passed 10-0-0.

Another motion from the Ratings Committee moved to have the NFRC 705 CMA-PCP ballot, as modified by the CMA Subcommittee to be forwarded to the Board for approval and to be implemented upon publication. This motion passed, 10-0-0.

Attachments Subcommittee

Furthermore, Baker made a motion to approve the adoption of the Base Case windows in the NFRC 100A ballot for use by all attachments, with the exception to applied films and DASD, in the NFRC 100A and 200A technical procedures. The motion passed 9-1-0.

Solar Heat Gain Subcommittee

Baker also motioned to approve the NFRC 200 Garage Door ballot to the Board for approval and recommendation it be implemented upon publication. There was also a Technical Committee motion to move forward the NFRC 200 Garage Door ballot to the Board for approval and recommendation it be implemented upon publication. This passed unanimously.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee moved to proceed with the NFRC 200 TI, looking for Board approval. The motion recommended it be implemented upon publication. The motion passed by voice vote, 10-0-0.
The Technical committee also motioned to approve the modification of the language in the NFRC 200 for garage doors, section 2.2.1.B and 2.2.2.B. The proposed change would change the term ‘not covered’ to ‘covered’ products, and the change would be implemented upon publication. The Board passed this motion.

Furthermore, the Technical Committee reported that a SHGC Task Group was formed to review the entire NFRC 200.

The Technical Committee also asked that the NFRC 100 – TI be approved for implementation upon publication. The motion passed 10-0-0.

Software Subcommittee

The Software Subcommittee motioned to approve the Window 6 and Therm 6 software for CMAST. The motion passed 10-0-0.

U-factor Subcommittee

The U-factor Subcommittee brought forth a motion to approve the NFRC 100 Validation Matrix Ballot. This motion carried 10-0-0.
A motion to approve a new date, January 1, 2011, for requiring a U-factor rating for Applied Films due to the modification of the Attachment Products Directory to accommodate adding the rating was approved 10-0-0.