Friday, November 12, 2010

Hayden Reflects on Meeting as NFRC Bids Farewell to San Francisco

By Joe Hayden

NFRC has just concluded its 2010 Fall Membership Meeting, and as always I come away with a great sense of accomplishment, success and optimism. As always the debates were lively and engaging, and in the end very productive. Following are specific thoughts on the past week.

Last Spring in New Orleans we had, at the time, a record turn-out of 135 attendees. I’m very pleased to acknowledge that we broke that record at this meeting with 149 attendees. With the economy and the construction industry remaining very uncertain, I know it can be difficult to justify the time and expense to travel to and participate in a week-long event like this. Thanks so much to everyone who showed the commitment and dedication to attend and participate. That’s an incredible testament to the strength and potential of this organization.

Clearly the highlight of the week was the completion of the technical procedures for attachment products, 100A and 200A. This definitely represents a landmark moment in NFRC’s journey that will be long remembered. Many thanks go out to everyone who worked so diligently over the past years to make this happen. While much great work has been done to reach this point, much more work remains to be done to complete the certification and labeling program. I have no doubt that if we all keep our hand on the plow and our eye on the prize, we will accomplish that as well.

Congratulations to my good friend Bipin Shah on his receiving the 2010 Member of the Year Award. Bipin’s tireless efforts in furthering NFRC’s International Program are very evident in the success of that program. However beyond that, Bipin has been and continues to be a tremendous advocate for NFRC. I know of few people who are as dedicated and passionate to achieving NFRC’s mission and objectives as Bipin, and I am extremely grateful for all he’s done. So Bipin, on behalf of all of NFRC, THANKS SO MUCH !!!

I definitely have mixed feelings about bidding farewell to Marcia Falke. In one sense I’m very happy for Marcia and wish her all the best as she enters into retirement. On the other hand, I really wonder if NFRC will ever be the same without her. Marcia has held many different leadership roles in NFRC over the years, and is truly one of the special individuals who helped NFRC become the success that it is. She will be sorely missed, but somehow NFRC must find the way to move on without her. Marcia, BEST WISHES to you and your family as you enjoy your retirement. Thanks for all you’ve done, and God Bless !!!

Many thanks go out to Steve Selkowitz and his staff at LBNL for the site tour on Sunday. I know that everyone who participated in the tour found it interesting and educational, and appreciated the opportunity to see the facilities first-hand.

Lisa Heschong’s presentation on daylighting was indeed interesting and intriguing. Clearly there are many opportunities for NFRC to explore in this area, and I expect we will all be hearing much more about this in the future. With the work on attachments well under way, daylighting could be the next “new ground” for NFRC to break. Stay tuned as the Board of Directors continues its discussions.

Congratulations to our two new Board members, Christian Kohler and Ross McCluney. It’s always great to get some new faces and new perspectives on the Board of Directors. I appreciate their willingness to serve and look forward to working with them in the future.

Also, congratulations to my good friend Steve Strawn on his election as NFRC Board Chair. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Steve for many years and have every confidence that NFRC is in great hands … both figuratively and literally. (Those of you who have every shaken hands with Steve know what I mean). I have no doubt that NFRC will benefit greatly from his leadership and wisdom.

As my term as Board Chair comes to an end, I struggle to find the right words to express how much I appreciate all the hard work, dedication and support I’ve seen from everyone over these past three years. There have been ups and downs, but the many ups FAR outweigh the few downs, and that could only have happened with the stellar efforts of the membership, the Board, and NFRC Staff.

So in closing, let me say for the last time, but as always, THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO !!! (And I look forward to seeing everyone again next Spring in Las Vegas)

NFRC's Spring 2011 Committee Week Meeting will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 28 - 30.

NFRC Raises over $500 for Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

NFRC continued its tradition of raising funds for local charities by accepting donations for customized lapel pins during its Fall Membership Meeting, and will contribute $525 to Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco.

To date, NFRC has contributed over $3000 to local charities concerned with providing affordable homes.

According to its Website, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco partners with working families and the community to build affordable ownership homes in Marin, San Francisco, and the Peninsula. This year the organization is celebrating its 20th anniversary and launching a new campaign to build 100 homes in five years.

NFRC and Habitat for Humanity – A Perfect Fit

Habitat Greater San Francisco uses Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) windows and doors, with integral flashing, glazing, and accessories as required for complete weather tight installation.

The entire assembly of Habitat GSF windows is certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), recognizing that energy efficiency is not only important to the environment, but to improve the health, safety, and cost to our Habitat partner families as well.

Based on best practices in place, Habitat GSF constructed homes are already shoulders above the standard home based on energy efficiency and effective construction practices.