Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Starts with Certification Policy Business

Today’s committee meetings started with the final business of the NFRC Policy Committee Block that began yesterday afternoon. During the Certification Policy Committee meeting, Scott Hanlon, NFRC’s senior programs manager, reported on the status of IA inspections, noting that only one remains for 2009.

The committee then turned its attention to Insulating Glass (IG) certification. Effective July 2010, insulating glass units used in NFRC certified and labeled products must be certified by a third-party IG certification program listed in the Participating IG Certification Program Directory prior to those products obtaining NFRC certification authorization.

Hanlon said that NFRC plans to distribute a bulletin providing details of each entities role and directed attendees to the IG Certification section of the NFRC Web site for more information. He also noted that NFRC 706 details the certification requirements for IG Certification Programs.

Committee Chair Roland Temple requested that technical questions about the IG program be directed to one’s IG program manager/representative.

Temple also encouraged participants to send any issues on IG certification to staff in writing, and closed the meeting by reminding everyone to keep in mind the upcoming July 2010 deadline.

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