Monday, July 28, 2008

And We’re Off…

NFRC’s Summer Membership Meeting got underway this morning with a series of task group meetings along two parallel tracks.

One track included task groups on CMA and the other task groups on storm windows, dynamic attachments for swinging doors, interior attachments (shades, blinds, etc.), and exterior attachments such as screens and awnings.

With so much interest in attachment ratings, an expert panel held an Attachment Forum that drew close to 50 participants. The panel, which included Jim Benney, Tom Culp, Joe Hayden, and Fred Higgins, discussed:

-- The length of the process, which is necessary to reach consensus and protect the technical integrity of the NFRC rating and certification system.

-- How to move forward on exterior attachments through consultation between the task group and the Board.

-- How to balance a "top down" v. "bottom up" approach to attachment ratings in order to make sure that interested parties benefit both from guidance from the Board of Directors and the expertise present among the NFRC membership.

Also meeting Monday morning: the CMA Labeling Task Group, the CMA Validation Task Group, the CMA Technical Task Group, and the Garage/Rolling Door Task Group.

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