Thursday, November 6, 2008

NFRC Homework

During the Opening Session of the NFRC Membership Meeting on Monday, Chair Joe Hayden assigned a “homework” task.

He extended a question to the membership, “What is NFRC’s barrier to success?”

Throughout the week, attendees have written their thoughts on easels placed throughout the meeting space.

Among the items listed were:
  • The public’s lack of interest in the effort
  • Teamwork
  • Politics
  • Too much detail
  • Too narrow perspective or vision on NFRC purpose
  • Traditional mentality
  • Unity
  • Code enforcement
  • Difficulty for new members to figure out what is going on
  • History (let the past stay in the past)
  • Overly bureaucratic process
  • Short term, narrow, defensive thinking
  • Barrier= challenge = opportunity!
  • Complexity
  • Entrenched thinking - do it the old way
  • "Expert debaters for hire"

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