Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Regulatory Affairs and Marketing Committee Begins

The Regulatory Affairs and Marketing Committee began at 11:00a.m. Wednesday. Chair Garrett Stone of Brickfield, Burchette, Ritts & Stone, P.C., kicked off the reports with a codes update.

Every three years, the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is revised. The requirements were recently approved for the 2009 version which will be published early next year.

Stone noted the following changes from the 2006 IECC:
  • Lower SHGC in the south
  • Lower U-Factor in the south
  • Improved performance path
Overall, the changes will likely result in a 10-15% more efficient residential code.

In terms of the IECC commercial energy efficiency requirements, fenestration ratings are still determined according to NFRC procedures. Stone also noted that there were limited improvements to prescriptive window U-Factor and SHGC requirements.

Stone mentioned that other states had made significant energy improvements outside of the IECC. California adopted new 2008 California Energy Efficiency Standards in April 2008 and Florida is in the process of finalizing a 15% energy efficiency improvement to the 2007 residential code.

"There are some trade offs allowed in Florida, but I would say the new improvement will have a significant impact in pushing forward energy efficiency fenestration," said Stone.

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