Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Brings Attachments

The third full day of meetings in Tucson kicked off with the Attachments Subcommittee, chaired by Michael Cienian of Hunter Douglas.

The group briefly reviewed negatives submitted in response to the NFRC 100/200 Attachment ballot. Cienian said that the ballot was sent out in large part to educate the membership about the subcommittee's work rather than as an attempt to move them forward to the Technical Committee.

In that spirit, Joe Hayden praised the subcommittee's work and moved to send the ballot back to task group to address the negatives. The motion passed on a unanimous voice vote.

The subcommittee also approved a new scope: The Attachments Subcommittee will coordinate the development of NFRC processes and procedures for attachment products per the NFRC Board of Directors.

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