Thursday, July 23, 2009

Board Rules on CMAST, Cerfitication Labeling Deadline

Joe Hayden with Pella Corporation and NFRC’s Chairman of the Board greeted remaining attendees and opened NFRC’s Board meeting promptly at 8:00 a.m. today.

The group quickly undertook its business, which included reviewing many items brought forward from the week’s committee meetings.

All items brought forward were approved with little discussion. Especially notable items of interest include the following:

Accreditation Policy Committee: Motion to revise NFRC 701.03, 2009 was approved.

Technical Interpretations Policy: Motion to approve TI, 2009, 03 was approved.

Certification Policy Committee: Reported being on target meet all IA inspections by end of the year and is accepting questions on Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) certification.

Research and Technology Committee: A motion to extend delivery dates on five research projects, including Window 6/Therm 6 was approved.

Technical Committee: A motion to approve NFRC 100, Section 5.6 Spacer Simplification Rule ballot passed. This involves adding Spacer Grouping Path III language to be implemented and published immediately as an addendum to NFRC 100.

A motion to approve posting the results of the validation and verification study of CMAST, including Window 6/ Therm 6, for the CMA Pilot Project on the NFRC Website passed. The purpose of this action is to provide NFRC members one week to review the study and to solicit their feedback. The one-week deadline may be adjusted.

Ratings Committee: A motion calling for a change in the number of decimal points used on the NFRC label will be turned into a ballot was approved. Also, a motion to have all NFRC 700 Product line ID’s re-balloted was approved.

Finally, a motion to approve suspending the certification labeling deadline of dynamic glazing products as of March 1, 2010 and bringing the topic forth to the Board during the November meeting to determine a mandatory deadline was approved.

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