Thursday, July 30, 2009

NFRC's Senior Technical Services Manager, Ray McGowan, Comments on ANSI accreditation and NFRC

NFRC is pursuing ANSI accreditation to ensure its standards development process conforms to a nationally recognized, consensus process.

ANSI has accredited numerous code developers such as ASHRAE, USGBC, NEMA, ICC, IESNA, and CRRC. Once NFRC becomes an ANSI accredited standards developer (ASD), which could occur as early as September, NFRC will pursue accreditation of NFRC 100 (U-factor) and 200 (SHGC, VT), its primary rating standards.

The ANSI process will require NFRC to allow comments from any fenestration interest, member or non member. All comments received are required to be considered by NFRC regardless of acceptance or rejection of that comment. All those who comment have an appeals process available to them to further pursue any rejected comment as well.

NFRC’s ANSI accreditation will increase its credibility in the marketplace and ensure full consideration of all fenestration interests during the standard development process.

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