Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Technical Subcommittees Wrap Up Business

Following the U-factor and SHGC Subcommittees, four other technical subcommittees made progress on their business.

The Attachment Subcommittee heard reports from several task groups, including Dynamic Attachments for Swinging Doors, Exterior/Interior Attachment, Storm Windows, Awnings, Applied Films, and Labeling and Certification. As no new business was at-hand, the Subcommittee adjourned.

The Condensation Resistance (CR) Subcommittee followed, turning its attention to a report on the ballot to accommodate WINDOW 6 and THERM 6 software. A motion passed to approve the ballot as presented. The group also heard updates on the discussion with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) working group. A report may be available in the winter. Charlie Curcija then updated the Subcommittee on the CMA research and plans to develop a presentation on the research this fall. The Subcommittee decided to adjourn as there was no new business to discuss.

The Annual Energy Performance (AEP) Subcommittee met after the CR Subcommittee. The AEP Subcommittee is responsible for developing procedures to rate the annual energy performance of fenestration products and fenestration product attachments in homes. Its business today focused on the NFRC 901 ballot, particularly issues surrounding the reference house procedure. The Subcommittee found several negative comments to be persuasive and substantive and moved various issues back to the Task Group for review.

The Component Modeling Approach (CMA) Technical Subcommittee wrapped up the technical subcommittees’ activities, focusing on its one ballot – the NFRC 100, Section – Spacer (Path III).

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