Friday, September 18, 2009

NFRC's Retailer Program Gaining Traction

NFRC is proud to announce that it is welcoming two new participants into its newly revised Retailer Program.

The popular program, which was on hiatus for a few years, re-launched earlier this year after NFRC reflected on its past success. At its height, the Retailer Program reached more than 4,000 people a month.

NFRC now has two participants for the renewed program – National Home Centers (NHC) and Menards. Both are home improvement chains. NHC offers a wide variety of doors and windows and has 11 locations throughout Arkansas. Menards has 252 stores in 12 states, primarily in the Midwest.

Here's how NFRC’s Retailer Program works:
NFRC provides retailers of fenestration with “tear sheets” to display in their millwork departments near the windows, doors, and skylights they have for sale. The tear sheets are free of charge.

Consumers and contractors who are browsing the aisles can grab a tear sheet as they shop, so they have the information they need to make an informed buying decision at the point of purchase. The tear sheets include information on important considerations when selecting energy-efficient windows. These include U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Visible Transmittance.

NFRC's Retailer Program creates a truly win/win/win situation. Retailers can offer on-the-spot information on fenestration energy ratings, consumers get the information they need, and NFRC gains recognition for its independent certification and labeling program.

If you are interested in participating in the Retailer Program, please contact NFRC's Communications and Marketing Manager, Tom Herron, at 301-589-1776.

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