Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ratings Committee Block Begins with CMA Ratings Subcommittee

After the Attachment Subcommittee concluded its business, the virtual meeting continued with the CMA Subcommittee (Ratings) meeting. The CMA Subcommittee (Technical) and the full Technical Committee will be convening tomorrow morning to finish their business.

Sneh Kumar, of TRACO, who chairs the CMA Subcommittee (Ratings), called the meeting to order. After hearing updates from the subcommittee’s work and task groups, John Lewis, NFRC’s director of new business, provided an update on the roll-out of the Component Modeling Approach program.

NFRC has released 10 CMA Label Certificates; two ACE organizations are up and running (WESTLab and Efco); and Heschong Mahone Group, which is performing CMA outreach to the building code community for NFRC, is close to completing its activities (a summary report is expected in the next month or so). “Things are progressing, and we see some activity that is encouraging,” noted Lewis.

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