Monday, March 28, 2011

RFP Regarding Spandrel Systems Sent Back, Outside NFRC’s Purview?

Shah oversees discussion on spandrel systems
During this morning's Research Subcommittee block, Chair, Bipin Shah, facilitated a discussion that resulted in NFRC members voting to return to its proponent an RFP regarding spandrel systems performance validation, saying the scope of the work falls outside NFRC's purview. 

The ballot regarding the RFP says that while spandrel systems differ somewhat from standard fenestration products, they still fit NFRC’s definition of a fenestration product and should therefore be included in the rating procedure for non-residential products.

The RFP suggests completing the following tasks:
  • Designing and building various spandrel systems for testing. 
  • Shipping test specimens to an NFRC approved laboratory for testing.  
  • Conducting computer simulation of spandrel framing members for inclusion into the CMAST program.  
  • Reviewing test data and comparing them with the simulation results.
Those who opposed the RFP contend this work falls outside NFRC’s purview, citing that other organizations may be better suited.

Following a member vote, the RFP will be returned to the proponent for further action.

Do you think the work, as set forth in these tasks, falls outside NFRC's purview? How are you involved with spandrel systems?

How might pursuing or not pursuing this RFP influence your customers and the way you do business?

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