Monday, April 4, 2011

NFRC Chairman Praises Members' Passion, Commitment

By Steve Strawn, Chairman

One thing that stood out to me during our committee week meeting was the unwavering passion NFRC members have for improving the methods we use to communicate product performance to the consuming public.

This was evident throughout the proceedings as we discussed the upcoming requirements to use the full CPD number on the NFRC temporary label but were most noticeable during the discussions regarding the Board’s direction for the development of an attachments product label.

Much of this discussion focused on the necessity for a label that is beneficial for manufacturers, is meaningful for consumers, and meets NFRC’s mission to provide fair, accurate, and credible ratings for fenestration products.

Meeting attendees expressed a wide range of opinions on how this balance might be achieved, providing unique insight and carefully considering the topic from multiple points of view. All the while, NFRC remains committed to finding an approach that will be fair to everyone.

With each new perspective that emerged, we should be reminded that this kind of lively interaction forms the very foundation that makes our consensus-based process work.

Welcoming all points of view, evaluating ideas critically, and finding solutions that we can all benefit from is what NFRC is all about.

I’m convinced the kind of passion and commitment exhibited during our meeting will ultimately result in the development of an attachments product label that works for everyone.

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  1. NFRC Members work so hard while at the Membership and Committee Week Meetings. This was the first Committee Week meeting held face to face. Did you miss the task groups, reporting committees, opening session? What about the membership reception?