Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Straw Poll Reveals Industry Preferences for Attachments Label

As the Attachments Certification Subcommittee began its discussions this afternoon, Chuck Anderson presented the results of a Straw Poll that indicated industry preferences regarding the attachments label.

One of the questions asked in the Straw Poll asked which kind of label the industry prefers. 78.6 percent said they want to see the actual values while about 50 percent said they are looking for the maximum amount of information. Only 21.4 percent said they would prefer the use of an iconic label.

A second question asked what information should be provided on the attachments label. More than 90 percent said Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, 85% said Visible Transmittance, and 78 percent said they wanted to see a Website link. 71 percent said they wanted to see the U-factor while only about 20 percent wanted to see the R-value.

Finally, the Straw Poll asked how important it is for the label to communicate code compliance. About 25 percent rated this "very important", and 35 percent rated it as "pretty important."

The discussion regarding the development of an attachments label will continue throughout the afternoon.

Please feel free to provide your comments.

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