Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ratings Committee Passes Six Ballots, Concludes Week's Proceedings

Johnson leads Ratings Committee Session
Under the guidance of Steve Johnson (Andersen), the Ratings Committee just completed their work for the day, passing six ballots and sending one back to task group.

NFRC 700 Challenge Procedure Ballot

Passed unanimously

The purpose of this ballot was to add language establishing a challenge and appeals procedure for the new NFRC 714 Challenge Procedure Document.

This document allows any entity to challenge a Thermophysical component property or spectral data component used for certification ratings of NFRC rated products.

NFRC 700 FMC Requestor Ballot

Passed unanimously.

This ballot set forth that the “allowed requestor” of a Fenestration Manufacturer Certificate (FMC) may be any entity with or without an NFRC License Agreement. The ballot stated that the term “Responsible Party” as currently used in the 700 document did not properly represent the intent of the language.

NFRC 700 Modification to a Product Line Ballot

Returned to task group

This ballot proposed revising the language referring to a “waiver.” The ballot stated it was unclear in the document as to how or when a waiver was to be used. At one time, it was determined that the program was not intended to have waivers issued for NFRC-certified products without proper documentation.

The language was therefore changed to omit the specific use of the term “waiver,” and procedures were put in place for manufacturers to follow when modifying NFRC-certified product lines.

Opponents to this ballot asserted that its passage could interfere with policies already in place.

NFRC Modifications from 712 Ballot

Passed unanimously

This ballot sought to modify the PCP document to include reference to all NFRC Label Certificates. It also sought to adjust the formatting requirements for reports and to include reference to all NFRC label certificates. Additionally, the ballot called for having the word “and” inserted in a flow chart to accurately reflect that the IA will receive simulation and test reports from the designated laboratory.

NFRC 700 Translucent Panel Samples Ballot

Passed unanimously

This ballot was presented on behalf of the Translucent Panel VT Task Group to add language for setting the requirements of samples submitted for translucent panel ratings.

NFRC 700 TDD-HTDD: Test Only and VT Rating Ballot

Passed unanimously

This ballot addressed revising language referring to TDD/HTDDs for two purposes:
  • Effective March 20, 2012, all ratings for TDD/HTDD products achieved only by computer simulation shall become invalid, regardless of the date of simulation. At that time, only those values achieved by physical testing may be used for certification and labeling purposes.
  • The TDD VT Task Group will bring forth a new NFRC procedural document (NFRC 203 for TDDs to acquire a VT rating. Upon publication and implementation of the NFRC 203, manufacturers will be able to label and market TDD/HTDDs with a NFRC VT rating.
NFRC 700 Temporary Label Description Ballot

Passed unanimously

This ballot addressed revising the PCP to modify and add language allowing the name of a reseller, distributor, or other entity in the description Product Informational section on a temporary label.

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