Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Glossary Goes Back to Task Group

The Glossary and Terminology Task Group, chaired by Charlie Curcija of Carli, Inc., found several negatives and approves with comments persuasive and sent the NFRC Glossary back to task group for further review.

"We are returning the Glossary back to the task group with instructions and we will come back with a new ballot," Curcija said.

The task group also approved two motions which:

-- recommend that all subcommittees and committees migrate all CMA definitions in the respective documents to NFRC 600, provide the committee structure with leniency to use their best-faith judgement to leave definitions in their documents if appropriate, and ensure that no duplication exists between NFRC 600 and other documents.

-- ensure that new CMA terminology does not hold up the 2009 document cycle by calling for the next ballot of NFRC 600 to be restricted to the terms addressed in this ballot review and any new terms including the migration of CMA terms will be balloted separately.

Curcija will bring the motions forward to the Research & Technology Committee and the Board of Directors.

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