Tuesday, March 3, 2009

U-Factor Subcommittee Addresses Ballots

The U-factor Subcommittee began with a spirited discussion regarding simplification, largely centered around the issue of whether changes of 0.01 are significant enough to report.

“I think many of us would rather see effort go to towards code compliance than towards whether they’re a 0.32 or a 0.33 window,” said Jim Larsen of Cardinal.

The Subcommittee, chaired by Mike Thoman of ATI, then considered a number of ballots:

-- Though the NFRC Attachment Ballot appeared on the subcommittee's agenda, the group agreed to defer discussion until the Attachments Subcommittee meeting on Wednesday morning.

-- The group passed a motion offered by Dave BeBlock of ODL to approve the NFRC 100 Swinging Door ballot and bring it forward to the Technical Committee.

-- After finding several negatives persuasive, the subcommittee sent the NFRC Thermal-Break Definition Ballot back to task group for further work and review.

-- Once numerous negatives and approvals with comments were addressed, the subcommittee moved to approve the NFRC 100-2009 Document and take it to the Technical Committee.

The subcommittee also heard reports from a variety of task groups and work groups, including on tubular daylighting devices, garage/rolling doors, spacers and grids.

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