Monday, March 2, 2009

Latest from the Validation Task Group

The Live Update staff caught up with Validation Task Group Chair, Sneh Kumar with TRACO, to find out what went on within the Validation Task Group earlier this morning.

The Task Group’s mission is to reexamine current validation testing requirements and propose modifications to the Technical Committee. The group’s goals include streamlining and creating smarter testing requirements in the current program through both short term solutions and longer –term program adjustments.

This morning’s discussion started off with the group reviewing the proposal to change section 4.2.6 of the NFRC 100 to do a validation test with a center of glass U-Factor of 0.30 or less. Current rules require an additional validation test for any product (which was added to the simulation matrix) which has U-factor less than 0.1 or 20% better than the validated product.

Attendees of the task group quickly began to explore the options to move the goals of the group forward. Michael Thoman, Architectural Testing, Inc. argued that the best products should go through the validation test. Bipin Shah of Win Build suggested using same center of glass used during the calibration test of hot box to be used as the standard center of glass for validation testing. Frank Fisher from Arcadia stated that if the frame validates at a certain center of glass, then it should be good for all other center of glass.

It was pointed out that as per section 4.2.8, manufacturer would be required to validate only one product line with better glazing performance (which improves product U-Factor by 0.1 or 20%) instead of validating each and every product line.

The second proposal explored was to add an option in section (Muti-purpose product line) to allow inclusion of products with the same base frame profiles as a validated product, in the same validation test matrix. Sneh showed examples of such cases which would allow different products with similar frame profiles of those that are available in multiple product types to be included in the same matrix for validation matrix. The task group agreed that it was reasonable to include such products in one validation test matrix.

Frank Fisher stated that if multiple products are grouped with frame additions then products using a flipped frame and sash (interior to exterior) should be able to be within a validation matrix.

The Chair asked people to come up with other cases for which changes in the product line or within multiple product line validation testing was not required, and where current rules do not include such cases. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Validation Task Group.

Willie DuPont with Sunergy Consulting updated the task group on the Quality Assurance validation test program that this group is starting to work on and considering options for the validation requirements.

The Task Group's Web page on the NFRC site lists current members and will have meeting notes posted a few weeks after the Spring Meeting.

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