Monday, March 2, 2009

The Policy Committee Block Meets

The NFRC policy committee block took place Monday afternoon. The Accreditation Policy Committee (APC), chaired by Marcia Falke of Keystone Certifications, led off with a presentation by NFRC staff member Dennis Anderson on the latest lab inspections and round robin tests.

Falke then told the membership that the CAP, now also known as NFRC 701-2009, has been updated and all documents published on the NFRC Web site, and that the APC has made changes to the CEAP, which is the functional equivalent of the LAP for the CMA Program and is also known as NFRC 708-2009. Falke will present those changes to the Board on Thursday.

Technical Interpretations Policy Committee (TIPC) Chair Tom Culp of Birch Consulting described one technical interpretation involving screens. The request asked that since screens are removed prior to screening, which in turns required the removal of the trim and/or stop, is the simulator required to model the trim/stop that covers/holds the screen. TIPC determined that no product offered without a screen shall be used to represent this product and minor frame changes to accommodate the screen system are permitted.

The Certification Policy Committee, chaired by Roland Temple of AZS Consulting, closed out the policy committee block. Items of interest include:

-- NFRC 702-2009 was approved by Board in November and staff is working on introducing language and requirements for hosting online workshops.
-- NFRC 706-2009 (the 2009 IG Update), has been posted to the NFRC Web site.
-- The Initial IGC Directory will be posted on the NFRC Web site on March 20, 2009.
-- Certification programs interested in the NFRC IGC program need to have their applications in to NFRC by March 15, 2009.

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