Monday, November 16, 2009

APC Reports on New Labs, Round Robins

NFRC added four new simulation labs in 2009, as well as the first-ever thermal test lab outside North America, according to Dennis Anderson, NFRC’s Laboratory Accreditation Program manager. The new test lab is located in South Africa.

Anderson also reported that he inspected one test lab and eight sim labs in 2009, and is due to conduct two additional inspections before the end of the year. He also told the committee that:

- reports for the 2006 and 2007 sim lab interlaboratory comparison (ILC), as well as a report for the 2008 test lab ILC, are forthcoming;
- the 2009 sim lab ILC was distributed on July 10 and completed on October 16;
- results of the 2009 test lab ILC that shipped in August will be summarized by the end of December;
- all labs that have expressed interest in CMA accreditation have gone through;
- 21 certified simulators have been approved, representing 13 sim labs;
- one more CMA training session will be held, probably in January;
- NFRC 701-2010 has been updated and approved by APC, and includes new requirements for attendance at workshops and the time line for inspection report turnaround; and
- NFRC 701.03-2010 has been updated and sent to labs for review and input.

The committee also discussed how to provide the information and support that labs will need to produce reports under the CMA program.

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