Monday, November 16, 2009

Opening Session Starts with a Look to the Past

The opening session of the NFRC Fall Membership Meeting started with some special guests – the color guard from the San Antonio Living History Association, with one member of the group giving a live performance of the national anthem.

NFRC Chairman Joe Hayden then warmly welcomed attendees to the meeting, saying that it’s time again to “roll up our sleeves and get some work done.”

Hayden noted that this years mark’s NFRC’s 20th anniversary. In honor of this milestone, he created a special quiz for attendees covering other notable sports events that happened 20 years ago.

He also welcomed new member companies that joined NFRC since the Summer Membership Meeting in Baltimore:

-Heschong Mahone Group
-Madison Window Products
-Seashell Awnings
-Stork Twin City Testing
-THV Compozit Windows and Doors

After he discussed NFRC’s core mission, core values, and goals, Hayden reminded attendees of the requirement for IG certification that will begin on July 1, 2010.

Hayden also pointed out that the NFRC 2010 Spring Meeting will take place in New Orleans, followed by the 2010 Summer Meeting, which will be NFRC’s first virtual meeting. He asked for everyone’s patience as NFRC implements its first online meeting and said “we’ll look for constructive input.”

Continuing a tradition, Hayden wrapped up his presentation with his “homework assignment” for attendees, albeit one that’s more fun than usual. He asked attendees to share their favorite memories over NFRC’s past 20 years on one of the easels set up inside and outside the meeting room. The answers will be presented at Thursday’s Board meeting.

Hayden then concluded by thanking the members for all they do, this time in Spanish, “Gracias para todos ustedes hacen.”

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