Thursday, November 19, 2009

Board of Directors Passes Motions

The last day of the NFRC 2009 Fall Membership Meeting concluded with the Board of Directors meeting this morning. After hearing reports from the Accreditation Policy, Technical Interpretation, and Certification Policy Committees, the Board turned its attention to motions presented by several other committees.

The Research and Technology Committee, chaired by Werner Lichtenberger of TruSeal Technologies, Inc., brought forward several action items. Among the actions, the Board approved motions to:

-Extend the Window 6/THERM 6 Validation Research project to the NFRC Spring 2010 Membership Meeting.
-Extend the Condensation Resistance for CMA Research project deadline until January 31, 2010.

Then, the Board passed additional motions under the Research and Technology Committee, including ones to:

-Approve NFRC 101 as amended with implementation upon publication
-Reaffirm the NFRC 103 document as a 2010 document with implementation upon publication (January 1, 2010).

Lichtenberger also reported that the Optical Properties Subcommittee is developing an NFRC 302 ballot for the NFRC 2010 Spring Membership Meeting. Major optical property submission process changes are being considered.

Nils Petermann of the Alliance of Save Energy reported that the Regulatory Affairs and Marketing committee dropped the legislative update from Monday’s session due to time constraints, but it will be posted to the NFRC Web site.

The Board then turned its attention to the Technical Committee. Among the motions it passed, the Board:

-Reaffirmed NFRC 400-2004 as NFRC 400-2010, with implementation on January 1, 2010.
-Approved the NFRC 100 Applied Films ballot document, with implementation on January 1, 2010.
-Approved the NFRC 100 Dynamic Attachment for Swinging Door (DASD) ballot
-Reaffirmed NFRC 200-2004 as NFRC 200-2010 for approval with implementation upon publication, and sunset 200-2004 at the same time.
-Approved the NFRC 901-2010 ballot and sunset the existing 2004 document at the same time (to be implemented upon publication).

NFRC Board Chair Joe Hayden described passage of the last motion as “an historic moment.”

The Board then took action on Ratings Committee business presented by JELD-WEN’s Steve Strawn, chair of the committee. Among the motions it passed, the Board approved:

-The NFRC 700 Applied Film ballot upon which may be used upon publication and mandatory on July 1, 2010. (This motion featured an amendment to add “without film” values to each of the performance rating columns).
-That the metric labeling requirement be allowed to 2 decimal places immediately and recommend that the NFRC 700 be revised to allow those requirements and to direct the metric labeling working group (chaired by J. Baker) to develop a recommendation as soon as possible and to bring that recommendation directly to the Board for final action.
-The NFRC 700-2010 Applied Films ballot, with implementation upon publication.
-The NFRC 705-2010 ballot with implementation upon publication.

The Board also approved an implementation plan for 2010 procedure.

After that action, Strawn presented the results of the Ratings Committee’s straw poll from yesterday. The Board approved a motion to the new product guidelines that the new product ratings and labeling plans be part of the new product guidelines document and these plans be approved by the BOD prior to Technical Committee or Ratings Committee work.

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