Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Focus on ISO 18292 During Yesterday's AEP Subcommittee Meeting

The Annual Energy Performance Subcommittee met yesterday afternoon, and the International Standards Organization (ISO) 18292, Energy Performance of Fenestration Systems— Calculation Procedure figured prominently in the discussion.

Tom Culp of Birchpoint Consulting suggested that NFRC’s Board of Directors consider using the ISO 18292 since it is emerging as an international standard.

According to Bipin Shah of WinBuild, Inc. (NFRC Research Subcommittee Chair), most international companies in the fenestration industry are already doing this. Like Culp, Shah believes the prevalence of ISO 18292 warrants NFRC’s consideration.

The ISO 18292 is a calculation procedure enables the energy performance rating of a window, door or skylight, rather than just the thermal transmittance. The standard offers a procedure to calculate the energy performance of fenestration systems based on the effects of the frame, sash, glazing, and shading components combined with building heating/cooling loads and environmental conditions

ISO standards are available globally and offer an opportunity to achieve international harmonization. The ISO 18292 is voluntary standard that local, state, or national governments may adopt and enforce.

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