Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Dark of Night...

Participants in NFRC's first Virtual Meeting may not have realized it, but NFRC headquarters experienced a power outage in the middle of the Attachments Subcommittee meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Fortunately, NFRC IT Manager Maggy Thomas had created a contingency plan for just such an occurence.

Thomas took swift action after the lights went out, executing the plan behind the scenes. She also worked on restoring NFRC email and phone servers, which went down as a result of the outage, too.

Meetings Manager Cheryl Gendron and Certification Program Associate Sherri Wendt ensured a smooth transition as Wendt took control of the meeting remotely from Minnesota, while other NFRC staff members provided support by troubleshooting technical issues.

"Thanks to advanced planning and action by Maggy and our staff, the on-line meeting proceeded without a hitch even as the lights went out in Greenbelt," said Jim Benney, NFRC's CEO.

After temporarily relocating to a neighboring hotel during the outage (pictured here), NFRC staff returned to headquarters. We're back up and running in Greenbelt, and ready for another productive day.

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