Monday, July 19, 2010

NFRC's Virtual Meeting Begins with Research Subcomittee

NFRC’s inaugural Virtual Committee Week Meeting began this morning with the Research Subcommittee undertaking its work.

DOE Funding for Research

NFRC staff member, Ray McGowan, was the first to speak, providing a report on research project funding status. McGowan informed listeners that approximately $772, 970 in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is available to fund research projects through 2014.

Window 6/Therm 6 Validation Research

Willie duPont of Sunergy Consulting offered an update on Window 6/Therm 6 validation research, stating that simulations involving various tests models are still underway. duPont also said that once the results are compared and evaluated, the project will culminate with a peer reviewed paper.

While this project had been intended to conclude in the summer of 2010, NFRC Chair, Joe Hayden, made a motion that the deadline be expanded to NFRC’s fall 2010 meeting in November, and the motion passed.

TDD U-factor Research

Dave DeBlock of ODL reported that there is just one remaining issue and said research will be completed in the fall with no further need for extensions.

Condensation Resistance Procedure for CMA

Charlie Curcija of Carli, Inc. said that three issues in this area have been resolved by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL). A fourth issue, which emerged this past weekend, will be resolved later this week. Curcija added that the project will still meet its deadline, which is NFRC’s fall meeting. Bipin Shah of WinBuild, Inc. recommended that the Project Monitoring Committee meet often enough to ensure meeting the deadline.

Complex VT Rating Research

Ross McCluney and Willie duPont are expecting a report from LBNL, which will be assessed, clearing the way for a final vote at NFRC’s fall meeting. This project was performed to evaluate two different approaches using a range a products and not to develop a new procedure. A motion to extend the vote on this project until the fall passed.

Gas Permeability Research

Werner Lichtenberger said there is a meeting this week on Thursday, and there will be a report issued to NFRC. No other news.

Ventilation Rating

Steve Strawn spoke about the need for some revisions to revise the scope of this project, and a motion specified three revisions:

1. Standardizing the method for calculating fenestration net clear ventilation area dimensions.

2. Standardizing the effect of screen mesh for two or three representative screen cloth categories

3. Developing recommendations for a rating system for NFRC certification purposes based on current standardized sizes.

The motion passed 27 – 2

New Business

In closing the meeting, the Research Subcommittee brought forth one ballot, which dealt with fenestration illumination research. This research is just an idea for the moment, but it could turn into a full-fledged project.

Ross McCluney summarized the scope of this project by stating that nearly every architectural daylighting design project in the U.S. involves buildings with some kind of shading device on them. Shades are used widely for privacy and glare control in both residential and nonresidential spaces. McCluney added that skylights come in many varieties and cannot currently be rated for visible transmittance (VT) by the NFRC.

A motion asking that the task group charged with preparing this proposal include details on cost sharing passed 30 – 3.

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