Monday, July 19, 2010

Thermophysical Property Subcommittee Convenes

The Thermophysical Property of Materials Subcommittee met this afternoon during Virtual Committee Week. Subcommittee Chair Charlie Curcija, of Carli, Inc., welcomed participants.

Ray McGowan, NFRC senior program manager, reported on thermophysical property submissions. He noted that 14 new materials have been submitted since the NFRC Spring Membership Meeting. The updated NFRC 101 is expected to be released next week.

McGowan continued the meeting by providing an update on the Thermophysical Properties Interlaboratory Comparison (ILC). This is the first ILC for thermophysical properties that NFRC has ever conducted.

The testing, involving combinations of composite board, is complete, and the preliminary results are quite good, McGowan reported. The full report will be available at the NFRC Fall 2010 Membership Meeting.

In other subcommittee news, NFRC 101/103 has been disbanded. Also, Curcija reported that the subcommittee had been directed to develop an electronic version of NFRC 101 Appendix A and to provide that as a THERM library file. (The subcommittee will be proceeding with a similar version for NFRC 101 Appendix B as well). The subcommittee then formed a task group to review Appendix A and Appendix B, and it is seeking a volunteer to chair this new task group.

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