Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Discussion on WINDOW 6 / THERM 6 Figures Prominently in Research Subcommittee Reports

Willie duPont discusses WINDOW6/THERM 6
NFRC’s Research Subcommittee heard several reports during this morning’s section of the Research and Technology Committee block, with WINDOW 6/THERM 6 taking center stage.

INDOW 6/THERM 6Research Subcommittee Chair, Bipin Shah, led a discussion on the continuing WINDOW6/THERM6 Validation project.

Joe Hayden (Pella) noted a discrepancy between what was thought to be tested and what was actually being tested. Willie duPont elaborated, saying that a questionnaire revealed some variance in how simulations were performed on several specimens.

This variance involved how the specimens were configured and installed. In some cases, they were not documented clearly, and in other cases there were some inconsistencies with the installation methods used by the labs. duPont informed the membership that the issues have been resolved.

Hayden pointed out that extending the project would provide the time needed to thoroughly assess this situation and to gather the information needed for simulations to match as closely as possible.

Hayden then presented a motion to extend the WINDOW6/THERM 6 Validation Research Completion deadline until the Spring 2011 meeting. The motion was seconded by Dave DeBlock (ODL), and it passed 16-0.

Condensation Resistance Procedure for CMA PMTG

NFRC member, Charlie Curcija, pointed out additional issues found in WINDOW 6 /THERM 6, noting inconsistencies with certain data. These inconsistencies resulted because several files were not properly updated. Kevin Vilhauer (Milgard) motioned to extend the condensation resistance procedure for CMA to NFRC’s Spring Membership Meeting. Joe Hayden (Pella) provided a second, and the motion passed 46-0.

Complex VT Rating Research PMTG

NFRC member, Ross McCluney, reported that this research is complete. Results will be posted on the NFRC Website, and members will be informed on how they can provide comments.

Gas Permeability Research (IGMA Project, NFRC Cosponsoring)

The implementation of this project remains in question.

Ventilation Rating TG

This TG discussed the of ventilation area versus cubic feet/minute (CFM) as it relates to wind speed. It also spoke about the need to acquire input from screen manufacturers, noting differences in the openness of various types of screens and the need to resolve these differences in order to facilitate further discussion. The TG is working on a ballot to accomplish this.

Daylighting Potential Rating TG

This TG focused on the need to develop its scope, acknowledging the strong dichotomy between what manufacturers believe is needed and what NFRC believes is needed. Research Subcommittee Chair, Bipin Shah, called on members to provide the TG with the insight and direction it needs to proceed and suggested a conference call to discuss long-term goals.

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