Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Research Subcommittee Work Continues, Three More Ballots Approved

The Research Subcommittee continues working diligently this afternoon, approving three additional ballots.

Ballot Five: Evaluate Impact of Specific Conditions on Attached Awning Performance Summary Page

This ballot concerned a possible NFRC rating metric for attached awnings. One goal here was developing an RFP, which would ultimately demonstrate the sensitivity of awning performance to those variables unique to these types of window shades. Another goal here was that the results would allow appropriate simplifications to be made for an NFRC comparative metric(s) and NFRC label.

The primary discussion surrounding this topic was that the RFP did not provide information regarding funding from stakeholder groups. Most members favored moving forward with this RFP provided stakeholder groups would provide funding.

A vote for the RFP to be revised to include specific information about stakeholder funding passed, 34-0.

Ballot Six: Attachments Performance Strategic Plan Summary Page

This ballot concerned developing a comprehensive strategic plan for the development and deployment of performance metrics and customer information that NFRC can use to influence the more rapid uptake of window attachments as an energy efficiency and occupant comfort measure.

One of the goals here was that this initiative would result in the development of a shared vocabulary about attachment performance, raising awareness of the value of window attachments and enabling more precise research and development of high-performance products.

A discussion of on this topic suggested that the fundamental issue will require considerable strategic thinking in order to capture the essence of the big picture. Ultimately, a vote to submit a summary page to RAM rather than Research and Technology passed, 41-4.

Ballot Seven: Tubular Daylighting Devices – Research Project to Develop Updated Modeling Procedure Summary Page

This ballot focused on being able to label TDDs using simulation results, validated with one testing procedure per grouped product line, and verified as per new EPA-sanctioned procedures.

The ballot recognized that TDD research projects to date have produced valuable testing results and comparisons to the existing WINDOW 6/THERM 6 simulation procedure. It also acknowledged that additional research with the procedure would produce a proven, valid simulation procedure that offers a permanent solution for the future certification of TDDs.

One negative asked to add a deliverable and payment schedule section to prevent ambiguity. Additionally, the negative asked that the term “hybrid” be used when talking about TDDs.

Following some discussion, a vote to move the RFP forward using the term “hybrid” in the actual document passed, 46-0.

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