Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making Door Labels Easy to Understand for Consumers Without Challenging Manufacturers

The Ratings Committee is involved in a discussion about door labels and the need to communicate useful rating information to consumers.

One concern among members, however, is that including additional information, such as the CPD number, may become burdensome for independent door manufacturers.

Some members believe there needs to be a system in place for identifying specific components in specific fields in the CPD number, and that this must be done prior to requiring door manufacturers to add the CPD number to the NFRC label.

The rationale here is that identifying components within the CPD number will provide a way to identify, sort, and separate the information into a more descriptive and usable format.

How would you approach this situation to avoid causing undue hardship for independent door manufacturers?

How might consumers benefit from this concept?

What can be done to make door labels easier to understand and more meaningful for consumers?

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