Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Members Debate Use of Icons on Attachments Label, Seek Alternatives

NFRC members just finished debating whether the use of icons on the attachments label would provide consumers with information accurate enough to make the best choice for themselves.

Those who oppose the use of icons say it would confuse consumers because it lacks precision. They contend that NFRC can only accomplish its mission to provide consumers with fair and accurate ratings by using numbers on the attachments label.

Those who favor the use of icons, however, say it would be easier for consumers to understand, and it would serve NFRC’s goal to provide consumers with information that is not only accurate but also meaningful.

NFRC's Executive Director pointed out that the organization is not calling on manufacturers to use icons on the attachments label but is instead seeking a meaningful alternative to the use of U-factor and SHGC ratings.
The overarching goal here is for any labeling methodology to assist consumers in making the best decisions for themselves.

The results of focus group studies supported by NFRC reveal that consumers want to know where a product falls on a scale.

Tell us What you Think

Do you favor using icons on the attachments label? Why or why not?

Would an attachments rating system that uses icons help your customers or confuse them?

The overarching goal for NFRC’s attachments rating program is for any label to be comprehensible and to indicate energy performance.

Do you have an alternative idea for a label that could help consumers make the best choices for themselves?


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