Monday, July 18, 2011

Closure on Window 6 - Therm 6 Extended, CMA Refinements Pending

The Research Subcommittee began NFRC's Virtual Committee Week Meeting this morning, reporting on a number of issues.

One of those issues was the status of the Window 6 – Therm 6 Validation Research Project.

A recent Webinar held to discuss the results of the project revealed the need for further refinements, and these refinements are still under review.

Members can view the updated version of the presentation here.

It is estimated that one more meeting cycle is needed to bring the Window 6 - Therm 6 Validation Research Project to closure, and a motion to extend finalization until the fall 2011 conference was approved 42 -1.

Bid to Improve CMA Methodology Approved

A second issue under discussion during this morning's proceedings was a bid from Carli, Inc. to refine the CMA algorithms.

The purpose of this initiative is to further improve the accuracy of CMA as it is being applied to more advanced fenestration products.  

The bid, which proposes a nine-month-long project at a cost of approximately $58,000 was approved, 36-6.

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